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  1. I thought I would follow this up with an explanation of what turned out to be the root cause of the problem. It turned out to be all down to fuel contamination in the end thanks to a Shell garage near St. Albans (my wife filled up 29th Dec just in case someone else has had similar issues) and Shell have just admitted that this ‘may have been the cause’ and are putting us in contact with their insurers. I guess that whatever contaminated the petrol (diesel dumped into the underground petrol tanks possibly) might have damaged various sensors telling the car to over fuel causing all the other pr
  2. Hi MartyB, Yes the engine seemed to be misfiring / lumpy and I think now we are certain that it is overfuelling and burning in the exhaust manifold (hence melted cat) and also getting into the sump (hence petrol in oil) as people have suggested. The garage has tested the oxygen sensors (and many other things) which seems to be in spec but after further inspection, it doesn't really seem to be responding / changing its readings as the engine warms up and hence I assume the ECU will be telling the injectors to pump more/max fuel? If the root cause does turn out to be this sensor, my question to
  3. Hi Jamesbelfast, Thanks for taking the time to reply… It’s my wife’s car so I couldn’t comment on the fuel consumption, but I think she would have noticed if it were only doing 20 mpg for example. Perhaps it was just slight loss to the sump for a longer time initially? The thing is with this – it looked originally like the oil had just been overfilled, but now the oil level seems to have increased again I think we can say that something (petrol to my untrained nose) is getting in there. Don’t think its water / head gasket or anything – I had that in my youth and would recognise it again. So I
  4. Hi, We have had a 55 reg petrol engine Aygo for a couple of years, no significant problems until recently. I thought I would post here to see if anyone has had a similar experience or knows what the issue might be ... please :-) The summary is I think we are looking at petrol contaminating the oil ... details: We noticed that the engine / exhaust was getting increasingly noisy but I ignored this as the Aygo doesn’t have much noise insulation for weight and cost reasons. We later found out after a trip to my local trustworthy independent garage that the Cat had been melted, parts of which were
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