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  1. PaulinhoT

    The White Carina

    Thanks John, and yes it's an ever growing parts list lol, but I really do want to keep this car. That's a good point on the anti roll bush knock, as the car is lowered a fair bit and they are more than likely very old. I will also check out the link and other parts you mention, many thanks.
  2. PaulinhoT

    New user

    Hello Steve, welcome in to the club.
  3. PaulinhoT

    The White Carina

    So my "to do" job list is growing, and I won't bore you with the details at the moment, but I'm looking into having the rear suspension arms up-rated as I need to find out where this knocking noise is coming from. It's really confusing as it doesn't happen all the time or over all bumps. I've had the car up in the air and looked, and have tried swinging on all the suspension arms both unloaded and loaded, but I will work out what it is soon. The next real job is looking into the brakes, as I've said in the past, I want to convert the rear brakes to discs, and have been told both the old Celica and Avensis parts fit, but what I don't want to do is have the car off the road for any period of time. A.P Racing have been the only company that responded to my inquiry about upgrading the discs both front and rear, but I need to spend sometime working out what rear end upgrades I need, that way I can have all the parts in a box ready to fit, in the hope it will be a simple swap (famous last words). The budget for the brakes currently stands at 4x what I paid for the car, which I hope is just about enough... lol I'm also still after a pair of front wings, and boot lid, and a couple of doors, so keep your eyes peeled for me please (in white if possible). I also seem to be struggling to find someone in Dorset that could do the set up for me, I've had a local car garage do the tracking for me, but sadly the steering wheel isn't straight, neither is the tracking. But I think after I have had the rear arms done, then I will get all the set up done. I've also had zero luck with bushes, and have been told to measure the ones on my car, but short of taking everything off the car to do so, I'm not sure how I would go about doing this. What would be really handy is a garage that I could drive in, they put it up on ramps, and have boxes of bushes on the shelf ready to fit lol.
  4. PaulinhoT

    The White Carina

    Episode 21 has just gone live, please watch it, thank you.
  5. PaulinhoT


    That's a good amount of time, well done, and welcome to the club.
  6. PaulinhoT

    New member

    Good to hear you enjoy working on your car, welcome to the club.
  7. PaulinhoT

    New Owner Hello

    Hello Doug, welcome in 😄
  8. PaulinhoT

    £700 Avensis

    Hello and welcome to the club 😄
  9. PaulinhoT

    Hello from snowy Finland

    Hello from a rather wet U.K 😄 enjoy the club.
  10. PaulinhoT

    Hello from Croatia

    Hello Miro, welcome to the club.
  11. PaulinhoT

    New member from Cumbria

    Hello and welcome in to the club.
  12. PaulinhoT

    I'm in for the LONG HAUL... :<)

    Sounds like you've gotten some great deals 😄
  13. PaulinhoT

    New member

    Hello Adam, enjoy the club.
  14. PaulinhoT

    The White Carina

    Just uploaded episode 20 of The Carina Journey for you all to watch.
  15. PaulinhoT

    The White Carina

    It's good to hear someone else is the same 😄