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  1. I still don't seem to be able to shake this cold thing, but here's another video featuring me fitting a new wiper blade lol...
  2. It doesn't seem possible that it's been almost a year since I bought the Carina, and what a year it's been :D
  3. The latest episode of The Carina Journey has just gone public on my YouTube channel. Feel free to take a look, thanks.
  4. Sounds right around my level lol
  5. That looks good, I must do mine, do you recommend it ?
  6. All looks good, and I'm loving the red pipe work 😄
  7. Sounds interesting, welcome to the club.
  8. Hello and welcome in to he TOC Rob.
  9. Hello Pete, welcome in 😄
  10. Hello and welcome to the club 😄
  11. Hello and welcome Robin.
  12. Hello and welcome to the club John, I'm sure someone can help you.
  13. Welcome in to the club, nice looking car 😄
  14. Hello and welcome to the club Derek