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  1. Here we go my friends, a new episode 😄
  2. Hello and welcome to the T.O.C 😄 enjoy the club.
  3. Hello and welcome Rab, enjoy the T.O.C
  4. Hello and welcome to the T.O.C Russ.
  5. Thank you, and yes I agree, lots of happy memories 😄
  6. Hello Gillian, welcome to the T.O.C. enjoy the club.
  7. Agreed, January will be an interesting month for many a Youtubers.
  8. It's an interesting time, and something has needed to be done for a while now. My videos have been marked "not for kids" for some time now, and sadly as nice as it would be to make money, I make 0p from my videos. Even some of my established "YouTube" friends that have 15,000 to 100k views per video, don't make much money, especially compared to our American friends, which make on average 4 to 5 times more. For me it's a "scrap book" of what I'm doing, something to refer people to if they want to know about my car (not many do). I've just filmed episode 68 of my car show tonight (in the rain lol) which gives me content right through until the 16th of February, but I have so much more to do. If at the end of the day I have to change platforms, I will do so, and possibly host my own videos on a blog style page 😄
  9. Hello and welcome to the T.O.C
  10. Hello and welcome Lisa, looking forward to seeing your new car 😄
  11. Hello and welcome to the T.O.C Lynn.
  12. Hello Hal, welcome in, wishing you a speedy recovery.