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  1. PaulinhoT

    I'm in for the LONG HAUL... :<)

    Looks interesting 😄
  2. PaulinhoT

    Good afternoon, I just bought a Toyota

    That looks nice, welcome in.
  3. PaulinhoT

    Lizzy M

    Welcome in Melville.
  4. PaulinhoT

    Hi Everyone

    Hi Paul, welcome to the club.
  5. PaulinhoT

    The White Carina

    Thanks for the views people, I'm not sure what to get next for the car, as the list is rather large lol. Whilst making next weeks video, I discovered a screw in the rear tyre, which I plan on getting fixed very soon. Well as soon as I get a replacement locking wheel nut key, yes whilst putting my wheels back on the car, I over tightened it, and broke it. The part I understand has to come from Germany, and I will speak with them Monday.
  6. PaulinhoT

    The White Carina

    I fitted a new steering wheel the other day, so here's a little video about me bolting it on. Thanks for everyone that takes a look at my videos, many thanks.
  7. PaulinhoT

    Toyota carina superstruct suspension

    That's really nice, a car to keep for life.
  8. PaulinhoT

    Speed sensor

    Hello Vonny, welcome to the club 😄
  9. PaulinhoT

    Obligatory new member post

    Hello Kar, welcome to the club 😄
  10. PaulinhoT

    Hello people :) !

    Welcome in Steve, enjoy the club.
  11. PaulinhoT

    Good Afternoon :)

    Welcome in to the club 😄
  12. PaulinhoT

    Eh up

    Enjoy the club Mark.
  13. PaulinhoT

    Greetings from Welsh Marches

    Welcome in Sandy, enjoy the club.
  14. PaulinhoT

    New Estima Owner

    Welcome in, enjoy the club.
  15. PaulinhoT

    Toyota carina superstruct suspension

    I've been looking for a looooonnnnnngggg time 😞