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  1. I've been away for a bit, here's why.
  2. Quick one, if the new owner of my Carina E wants to get in touch with me, as I don't have your details.
  3. Well it's that time of year.
  4. Another video for my channel, sadly not Toyota related.
  5. Sadly I don't, but these people do them, although I've never used them before. https://www.soarsperformance.co.uk/product-page/tte-gel-badges
  6. I've no update from the new owner of my old Carina, so here's another Ford video, thanks for watching.
  7. I've started to try and tidy the car up a little, I thought I'd share this as some of you enjoy seeing what I do, even though this isn't Toyota related.
  8. Thank you, plenty of update inbound 😄
  9. It's keeping me busy 😄
  10. Still working on the ST.
  11. That's a nice detail lol
  12. Still working on the Focus, and may have a Toyota update soon 😉
  13. Hello and welcome to the club Tom.
  14. Hello and welcome to the club.
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