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    Dvd Player

    Think it goes to the handbrake as DVD won't play while car is moving
  2. Don't buy budget tyres mate spend that little bit extra on a good set they will last you longer.I bought budgets for my tr and with normal driving 10000 miles later both needed changing this time round I have p6 on the front they have done 5000 and still look new . You gets what you pay for .
  3. It is really easy to change the factory unit out. i have just done mine with the same facia panel you are looking at. the only thing you will have to do is adjust the depth of the retaining lugs as they are not deep enough and you will need to get a loom adaptor so you can use the controls on your steering wheel. If you need any help drop me a note.
  4. Has anyone else had this problem? I have a 2009 tr and have started to get peddle shudder under hard breaking ,according to a few car mechanic mates they say it's the discs . My car has done 35000 miles and I would not say I was in the habit of riding the brakes and as per usual my warranty has run out 2 months ago . So it looks like I will be shelling out for pads and discs.
  5. ok guys i have a 1.33 tr and fancy fitting an ignition start button . Seen them on ebay but not sure if you can use them on the car . any advise from anyone out there
  6. Hi guys looking to replace the head unit on my auris for an after market cd/DVD/satnav unit I know how to remove the factory unit but do I need an adaptor for the wiring to a non factory unit . If anyone has changed their unit and has some advise please reply. Thanks Simon
  7. You need to lay down on the passenger footwell on your back look under the glove box and you will find a large black cover with 3 clips on it remove this and you will find the fuse box it has a picture on it of the fuses you will need a pair of needle nose pliers to remove and install the fuses Hope this helps
  8. Sorry guys i would loved to have come and had my Auris there but i live in Scotland and cannot get down and back for work in time . Simon.
  9. Local company that did my tints £60 for it i think it will complete the look i want.
  10. simony9

    my red auris

    My first toyota was a corolla and i had it 20 years ago so this year when i bought my red Auris it was the first jap car i have had since then.The following pics are my attempts to make it mine.
  11. From the album: my red auris

    just had the rear windows tinted with a 25% tint and changed the ariel to a chrome bee sting with red tip.
  12. Well guys i have started to carryout a few mods to the Auris to make it mine. I have had the rear windows tinted with 25% tints and added a bee sting chrome ariel with red tip to match the car. Next is a carbon fiber insert to the front bumper so i will post a few pics when its done. cheers guys. Simon
  13. hi mate hows the bumper infill doing has it stayed on ok thinking of doing it too

  14. So i have bought my red TR Auris 2009 plate and its time to make it mine. First thing is the windows to tint all the rear windows with 23% tint film £90. next a carbon fibre body wrap on the front bumper at the front number plate area and the grill £50. I need to source some side skirts next so does anyone know where i can get some for a 5 door. Will post some pics when i get the above done in the next 2 weeks so happy motoring guys.
  15. My first Toyota I really like this car picked this over a Focus why drive Ford when Toyota gives you more for your cash.
  16. I have just bought a 1.33 tr and moved down from a 2ltr diesel i find the 1.33 quite responsive and nippy and with a good rev on the motorway she performs well .No grumbles from me i really wish i had bought one before now.
  17. oh cannot wait pick up my first toyota auris in the morning hope its the start of a good thing.

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