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  1. Mine is showing cracks now... the plastic is breaking, cause you have to turn it...
  2. Here's mine / 2010 April...
  3. We bought a one year old Aspiration for about € 12.000 euro's... mileage was about 9.000 kilometers. As it's value as a new car, this was .. about € 16.500 euro's (expensive extra's). So that is a value drop of € 4.000 in just one year... I find that a lot of money going down in one year. And @Grumpy.... most iQ drivers in owr town are "eldery people" ... not the young hipsters... they wanted their Fiat 500 or maybe a Mini ... And yes the new Aygo is terrible in its looks. I like the French 108 much more... only that dreadful automatic... man, that is a shame...
  4. Put a new battery in the keyholderthingie.... power is getting too low....
  5. Hoi Neelix, En we hebben hier net een mooie blauwe erbij gekocht... (1 jaar oud)...Aspiration.... I can have a meeting with my wife... 2 iQs....red and blue... :-/
  6. Halfords has gone bankrupt in Holland.... all shops are gone and closed... :-(
  7. Ha ha .... There are about 47 countries that have flags made with red / blue and white.... The French always found us cheap, cause our flag wears out and the colors stay the same... Their flag has the stripes vertically, so the flag wears out quickly.... Here a list ;-) Australia Bermuda (British overseas territory) - with other color symbol British Virgin Islands (British overseas territory) - with other color symbol Cambodia Campania, Italy Chile Cook Islands (New Zealand associated state) Costa Rica - with other color symbol Cuba Croatia - with other color symbol Czech Republic
  8. Well... we just bought our second iQ (damn)... Light Blue.... This comes instead of the Smart.. Way better and safer car than the Smart... Good choice Marion..... :-P So now we have an iQ (Red) .... and an iQ (Blue) ... and a Verso (Silver) ..... :-D Red White and Blue.... ha ha / Flag of Holland....duh
  9. Hmmm... Hyundai better build quality? ... hmmm.. I had a H200 far a long time...nice automatic car/truck.... but very fuel uneconomic....build quality was OK... somewhat outdated though. One thing I remember was that my exhaust-pipe has been relaced (under warrenty) for about 4 times in 1,5 years. Every now and then it would break / yes break... and not at the flex-part but at the part where the first and the second part meet. It was funn to drive though. So.... quality? In my opinion it depends on your point of vieuw.... Toyota makes great cars... the are boring though...and there sale-people
  10. Good (great and wise) idea... I Have one (well this is the 3rd model in the mean time / they wear off ore break down) in the front since 2010 and now also a second one ... on the rear window (upside down to fitt)... So ... One good (and free) advice... put one also on the rear window.... and so (if possible) that they see it, when they are bumper-licking... :-) PS I have the cheapest looking camera (they cost about 20 euro's and do the job) and keep it in place at all time... no stealing till this moment ... :-)
  11. sweet-dentist

    Tein Springs

    Nope... just the other way around... the iQ is higher in the rear.... I have fitted "extra" strong springs... so the car can handle a lot of extra load in the back and the trailer... So the back-wheels have more space and the rear does not soften downwards when extra weight is applied... Here the fitting:
  12. It can, if your caravan weighs under 350 kilo....or 550 when breaked. :-) Gladly it tows my boat and motorcycle..... :-) And: And: Infront of our house... This is in WIllingen Germany..... about 7.5 hours drive.... For the "moaners" .... Because of European Legislation and the German Zulassung it's "allowed" to 350 kg. AND my insurance company knows about it and has given me a green card for this situation (number and type trailer and all). AND the car is capable. The rear stands up higher...because of extra springs inside the normal springs... :-)
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