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  1. That's really good to know. I've always wondered whether that was a problem. Seems it's not really much of an issue at all.
  2. Thanks all, worries alleviated. I'm expecting to do longer journeys (40 mins), largely dual carriageway plus 20 mph for 10 mins, 3 days a week, and the remaining days trundling around the mostly 20 roads. Sounds like the Auris Hybrid will be quite suitable. It seems like a nice car.
  3. Current manual Auris 1.33 getting a bit old in the tooth, and been drinking oil for ages, time for an upgrade. I've been thinking about going Auris Hybrid, but city now all 20mph on most roads. How is the Auris Hybrid at these low speeds? Have heard some automatic owners complain about the gearing keep changing. I wonder if the Auris Hybrid drives OK at these speeds or whether I should stick with a manual, non hybrid car. Cheers for any thoughts?
  4. fandabbydozy - my sister was telling me today her car has about 20 dings from 'others' car doors! Those protectors you just linked are also a good price too. Cheers and have a very good night.
  5. Thanks for those tips - I hadn't heard about the Car Care Plan or the Auto Trader policy. I'll look into these as they seem a much better deal than my dealer quote.
  6. Thanks Crasstoe for those links, much better price on Car Mats than the £59 my dealer quoted me today! Also, those bumper protectors look useful - do they do them for the side too?
  7. Very interesting replies and a lot to consider. I was also offered today GAP insurance (£300 for 3 years) and a reasonable 3 year Service Plan offer - something like £491 for 30,000, 40,000, and 50,000 services.
  8. Thanks for that. I did worry. When I parked my N Reg 306, I had no worries about it being stolen. Sometimes its doors didn't lock (it had numerous electrical issues) and still no-one took a blind bit of notice about it! But my Auris looks so nice that when I parked it at home tonight (first night) I had to keep checking it was still there! Being originally from 'up north' I can imagine a baseball bat might come in handy! I might look into it :-) Cheers.
  9. Hi Mike, thanks for that - I'll contact the dealer and see what they have. The solar red is definitely the best choice, it lifts the car immensely. I can't believe they dropped it, and even in the new Hybrid Auris the colours are a tad boring (although the minor modifications to the hybrid do look very nice). My wife (she's Japanese) tells me that they sell the Auris in Japan in many more colours than they do here. I also haven't seen many in this colour, the only other one recently I've seen is at Cardiff Toyota World (after I put my deposit down) - a very nice 59 Solar Red Auris (5000 miles) waiting to be bought. When my wife saw mine she also fell in love with it. I now have to find out a way to clean it nicely! I can't wait to go to work Monday! It'll be so nice driving a car whose electric windows work, which doesn't burn all the oil in 6 weeks, and one which I don't have to spray the spark plugs with WD40 just to get the engine to fire properly when it rains! Did I mention its gorgeous and drives amazingly? :-) Sorry, I'm just so happy! Thanks to yourself and a few others here who have portrayed the car in a better light than the somewhat biased car review press. Much appreciated. The 1.33 Auris is a very nice car indeed.
  10. Having not bought a car for a while - I remember in the past buying things like steering locks etc... is there any need in todays newer cars (59 auris) to bother with such things?
  11. Just collected my 1.33 today - OMG - its gorgeous! Solar Red and probably the cleanest and shiniest it will ever be again. It drives so much nicer than my N reg 1.6 306 with 170,000 miles on it. Anyone got any recommendations on Car Mats? Mine didn't come with any...
  12. Buying a 59 plate Auris TR 1.33, used approved, with remaining warrenty 'till Oct 2012. Is it worth buying an extended warrenty for this car? This works out at (I think) £685 for 2 years if bought now at purchase of car, or £780 for 2 years otherwise. Are extended warrenties worth it with cars?
  13. You're not alone in your thoughts! I started off convinced I needed a 1.6 minimum, and then realised I needed a Valvematic for the six gears, then thought I'd give the 1.33 a test drive (just to convince myself I needed a 1.6). But - I liked it - a lot. Yes it was slow on moving off and I could see the lack of thrust on acceleration compared with my curent 1.6 peugeot 306. But I got thinking - it wasn't so bad - in fact - it was a very nice drive. And no matter that some reviews say its a bland car, I happen to think its good looking. I then started thinking about the lower tax and that petrol is only going to get higher in this country. I got back in my 306, ***** - it felt like trying to drive a sack of potatoes. So I put down a deposit, on a lovely 1.33 Auris TR! Lets hope there will be no regrets.
  14. I don't know if you ever got to the bottom of this, but yesterday I test drove a 1.33 Auris TR and the dealer mentioned it won't come on if below a certain temperature (4 degrees next to a sensor) and also if the battery has less than 75% charge.
  15. Thanks for your replies. Is my assumption correct that I should go for the six speed gearbox for mostly motorways/dual carriageways? I ask as I'm torn between a £7500 1.6 Auris VVT-i or the £9000 1.6 Valvematic (pre 2010 facelift). Both Manual Petrol.
  16. Its really hard pinning down specific year specs for these cars! I was planning on buying an 09 1.6 Valvematic (approx £9000), rather than a VVT-i (I do a lot of motorway driving and believe I would need the 6 speed gearbox). I think the 2010 valvematics were facelifted and have USB connectors to allow play of MP3 from USB sticks, does anyone know if the 09 Valvematics have this capability?
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