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  1. For the exhaust there is no off the shelf aftermarket. Me and a few others have went custom. A smaller pulley and belt, ic and piggyback/standalone will give you increased hp. There's not a lot of folk come on here anymore.
  2. I think i've seen that about as well, theres a pic of it on c&cs website. Had a look on their site and cant see it? where you from?
  3. Parts king can't get them I tried last year to no joy
  4. Looks sweet in red mate. Mines is platinum silver colour. And I have also been looking at bc's so let me know how you get on :)
  5. Small update wrapped the bump guards, smoked the tail lights and side repeaters and de-badged
  6. If I'm right there was a post up a while back on this and there is two ways of doing the comp exhaust a split from the middle into two boxes or a s/s version of the original setup but with the extra box? Might be wrong though.
  7. I have a typhoon filter and tbh I havnt noticed much of a difference in any aspect apart from noise haha
  8. Does anyone know if these bump guards on the sides can be taken off and put back on with ease? Are they held on with pins or clips? any help im grateful. i have tried pulling and sliding them but dont want to too hard incase i break a clip.
  9. well managed to get the pics up here and the new wheels, opinions welcome :)
  10. Dont know why but i cant upload photos from photobucket. Can anyone help?
  11. Got my new wheels on but cant get pics up? anyone help? there on photobucket.
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