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  1. Hi - I want to remove the compartment cover on the top of the dash (as shown in picture) so that I can drill some holes in it to pass cables through from a cigarette lighter multi-socket to my various gadgets. Is there a way to do this without breaking anything? I have tried various manipulationms but don't want to damage this cover. EDIT - Oh, and need to refit it again after drilling! Thanks.
  2. I'll mention it to the dealer. Shouldn't they be checking that anyway though? In a similar thread on this forum somebody mentioned a suction valve. Not sure what one of those is but I'll query that as well.
  3. Hi - for the last few weeks my 3 year old Verso 2.2D has been playing up intermittently. In the morning I usually travel up to 35mph until reaching either a motorway or dual carriageway. So far so good. As soon as I try and accelerate though I get to around 50mph and then the engine gets all sluggish on me and refuses to accelerate any further. As you can imagine, this is very dangerous and overtaking is out of the question. This only ever happens in the morning (or the first trip of the day) and once it clears itself (after up to an hour) things are fine. It doesn't happen every day, probably about two or three times per week. My Toyota main dealer has replaced the EGR valve and I thought this had fixed it as I had no problem for around a week. It has restarted now though. My dealer took the car in for a day but couldn't reproduce the fault on a road test and they say the fault panels are not showing anything either. They now have it again and kept it over-night but still no fault codes or problems that they can see. They are going to keep it for a further day but I am not very hopeful that the problem will happen whilst the car is with them! Has anybody else had a similar experience? My dealer says that my car is the third Verso he has heard of that has shown similar symptoms but that so far Toyota had not been able to diagnose any of them. Hardly encouraging news for me! Thanks for reading :-)
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