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  1. Happy Birthday marcandsebe!

  2. Yes I have to agree with David. The sound of the TNS350 is so much better than the TNS510. The radio especially is much clearer. I brought the TNS350 on eBay for £350 and sold the TNS510 today through eBay again for £410.
  3. I think the glovebag is better than nothing My 4 cylinder does not vibrate My interior light is very bright I like my 16" wheels I like my multidrive I like the fact that I can get a 13' kayak, 4 part paddle and PFD in the back I can't think of anything bad to say about it.
  4. It's fun and keep it up. We need a bit of joy in our lives.
  5. Does it come in a bag? I would be worried about it damaging the interior of my iQ in the rear like that, especially if driving around. It only has to fall over.
  6. Many thanks to Tarquin today for removing my TNS510 navigation unit and replacing it with a TNS350 with speed camera warnings. Really pleased with it and by all accounts you can play videos through it by using a special lead from Toyota. Part no PZ4450026000
  7. I'm glad they are banned in the UK. Sorry but tell it like it is, its just not my cup of tea and It spoils the iQ.
  8. Thanks for that. Never heard of the toyota touch life, but it seems like a good idea. Cannot find it on the toyota website either, is this available in the UK? A bit of info on touch life. http://m.engadget.com/2011/10/26/toyota-introduces-touch-life-smartphone-mirroring-system-your-p/
  9. I love your wheels, but would be so worried about hitting the kerb. The calipers look great in red too.
  10. There is a TNS410 on eBay now. I brought a TNS350 from the same eBayer for £385 It's at £70 at the moment http://item.mobileweb.ebay.co.uk/viewitem?itemId=110902765256
  11. I have a Dec 2010 model. It has the rear seatbelt holders and is apparently the updated model. Not sure what else is different to the 2009 first model.
  12. marcandsebe


    I just thought the judder I receive sometimes was the anti lock brakes.
  13. I was in Marlow last night and coming back to Twickenham. The last fuel bar was flashing in Marlow and I travelled past Bisham up to the M4, M4 to M25, M25 to M3. It was here that the M3 was blocked to London. I was forced down away from home down the M3 to junction 3 where I could then travel in the right direction back up the M3 for home. It was a bit worrying, as it was 11:30pm. I have calculated the route to be 48.5 miles. The fuel gauge on the iQ is about the only thing I don't like. I suppose it can't be any better due to the flat tank. But at least I know it does 50 mile or so on the last flashing bar.
  14. I had an unusual higher revs on my 2010 iQ3 multidrive last year. I took it into Inchcape who used a handheld diagnostic machine. A fault code came up, but the technician did not know for sure or didn't want to tell me what it was. He said I will just reset it for you. It's been fine ever since. So don't be afraid to take it in. It took about 5 minutes to check and reset. Regards Marc
  15. What effect would they have on speed and acceleration?
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