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  1. http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Genuine-Toyota-Screw-Hex-Lobular-Yaris-FRP-9014810002-/221883340047?hash=item33a947150f
  2. I found myself a more simple solution! Went into Toyota , asked them and have ordered 8 bolts for 99p each part number 90148-10002 absolute pain getting the old ones out. Had to use an easy out kit (£3.99 from screwfix) on 7 bolts and the last one had to be completely drilled out. All worth it in the end!?!
  3. Haha yes! The Corolla was a few years ago, had a period of company cars and then returned to Toyota with a little yaris
  4. Hello everyone im in the process of fitting t sport seats in my t spirit... I have all but ruined the hex bolts that hold the seats in. The screws are m10x25 but the bolts I have this size have the wrong thread... Does anyone know if they are metric fine thread or something odd that only Toyota do??
  5. well oil change is done! I didnt use any oil flush in the end.. the outside of the old oil filter was rusty! The oil was nasty black like it had been in a diesel :/ seems to be puuuuurrrrinng along now though so fingers crossed any previous neglect has not done any major lasting damage
  6. With the car having no official service history and just the previous owners saying they have done it themselves... do you all think its worth putting some wynns (or similar) engine oil flush in before I do the oil change?? I used to be a sales rep selling engine flush products and always had mixed reviews from garages I sold to about if you should use flush or not. Some chucked it in on every service, others claimed it was dangerous and could cause damage... worth it or not?????
  7. Hi everyone! Been a few years since I've been on here (used to own a corolla) I've got myself a 2004 1.3 Yaris t spirit and so far think it's brilliant. The car has covered just over 85k, it is very clean and tidy but has no official service history.... The couple I bought it from claim they have always done it themselves. The car runs great so I'm guessing they have taken some care of it but just to be sure I'm going to do my own service this week.. Questions! Which oil? Which spark plugs? Any recommendation on filters? And anything I should look for or avoid?? I was going to buy all Bosch parts but I remember with my Corolla being told that NGK plugs are better for jap cars. All and any advice please !
  8. Exact same happened to mine. Does it not pick up any stations (apart from the mighty classical fm) when you scan???
  9. I didn't mean "they gave this to a disabled person" in an offensive way. It more meant like how was this a good idea considering I don't get in an out of it with dignaty. And if the person needs a wheel chair I doubt it would fit in the boot... Was unaware of being able to be a passenger in it so ill assume it was used for that since its manual and there's no signs of any hand control mods ... Ps the Hyundai forums are full of grumpy people. I'm staying on the toc! Don't worry I won't post loads of non toyota threads
  10. The lancer and me really didn't get on.. it was the shame of people asking if its an EVO and then explaining no.. its a 4 door family saloon diesel... Starting the train engine in it and pulling away looking shameful
  11. It's an ex mobility car Just the type of car you would expect on that scheme......it really does make me wonder at times. Not a dig at you Chris just the system, really nice looking car Well I basically fell into it and lost all my dignaty getting out and I'm 20 and reasonably fit.. I said to the guy "so a disabled person was given this... really?!" Wonder what else you can claim !
  12. It's a 2.0 petrol 141bhp Not sure about mods yet! Probably some tints.. I don't think lowering it would make it look any nicer.. seriously impressed with it though. It's an ex mobility car, so only 16000 miles on it and has had 3 services... Is like new! I did consider a Celica but it just didnt look as nice imo as the coupe, especially as I thought it was an Aston Martin when I first saw it... Will wait to see what running costs are like , £230 tax kinda hurt me though!
  13. Had a lancer diesel for a month but missed petrol life. So the dealership let me swap for this!
  14. I got my 2.0 Lancer Diesel and it sure is no tree hugging eco diesel... Yeah it sounds a bit like a tug boat but the surge of power feels sweeeeeeeet
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