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  1. Soeley

    Soeleys Iq

    I forgot to add, it has been a pleasure being apart of this community and thank you to everyone who has helped out over the years. Frosty, Thank you. David, Yes I am still on that number. Thank you for your kind comments and the help over the years, it has been and still is greatly appreciated. Scott, I must admit I fell for the Jimny when I first saw the early pictures in July, and was quick to put a deposit down in August and luckily the dealer got allocated the colour and model I wanted.
  2. Soeley

    Soeleys Iq

    Well yesterday was a day of mixed feelings. "All good things come to an end" and all that I suppose, but after 7 years 3 months of ownership and with 85,600 on the clock I traded in my iQ for something new and quite different. Last Saturday I removed all my add'ons and put her back to standard form (apart from the S/S exhaust). I still have the 17" rims with good summer tyres on that I will put up for sale soon. Here she is for one last time, after one last wash before going to the garage to do the trade in. I would be happy if the new owner finds their way on here and has many more happy miles which I'm sure she has in her yet. "What did you trade her in for?" I hear you ask. A new 2019 Suzuki Jimny 1.5 Petrol, quite a change in car I know, but this is the only car to consider for me, absolutely nothing else appeals at all. I'll pop in and out now and again, Happy Motoring everyone 👍
  3. The horn under the bonnet is the bleeper that sounds when you try and lock the doors with the fob inside the car. There is a single horn behind the bumper, that is the actual horn and alarm call. I know this as I swapped that one for an air horn, and I have a very loud alarm as well as horn.
  4. Soeley

    Air Horns?

    The horn is behind the front bumper, so if you want a straight swap you'll have to remove it. I have a Stebel Nautilus fitted which is a compact air horn. It is loud though so don't let the size put you off. But any air horn will need wiring in through a relay as they draw a lot more current than the standard horn. Not much room to fit a separate compressor/trumpet air horn.
  5. Looks like someone has gone into the back of her or she's reversed into something. Not enough impact to show any damage, but enough to snap off the two lugs. I would suggest maybe getting the lugs plastic welded back on, otherwise it is full bumper replacement. Failing that, a bodge would be to remove the plastic rivets and drill some holes half an inch from the edge of where the lugs have snapped and use a cable (zip) tie to secure it. Won't be seen from above.
  6. According to the manual there are only two fixings underneath. I think these are the plastic rivet type.
  7. Just a bit of general maintenance. Over the last few weeks each mounting point for the heat shield has let go in turn. The problem is the shield is made from thin aluminium, the nuts and washers that hold it in place are just plain steel ones. Where the steel washer is in contact, the heat shield just corrodes around it and it drops causing a horrible rattle that sounds worse than it is. Fortunately the studs the shield fixes to are plenty long enough, and you don't have to try and remove the rusted on nut. Luckily there is a quick and cheap fix. All you need is: 38mm dia x 8mm repair washers 6mm nuts rubber washers I placed a couple of rubber washers behind the heat shield to stop it rattling and fretting against its mount/bracket, place another rubber washer against the outside of the shield then the repair washer followed by the nut.
  8. Soeley

    Wiper Gaiters

    Not sure if this has been covered before or not? But just a quick guide to replacing the wiper spindle gaiters in the scuttle panel. I noticed last weekend mine had perished, so I ordered two new ones from my local dealer, about £11 each. Picture 1: First of all remove the covers off the wiper arms to reveal the nuts, then remove the nuts (14mm socket). Tip, put a mark on the spindle to aid in re-positioning the arms later. Picture 2: Split gaiter Picture 3: Remove the plastic rivets at each end of the scuttle panel Picture 4: Plastic scuttle panel removed Picture 5 & 6: One split, the other just showing signs of splitting Replace the gaiters with the new ones, I sprayed a fair bit of white lithium grease inside the new gaiter to lubricate against the spindle shaft before fitting. Put it all back together in reverse order. Why bother? I'm sure I read somewhere on here previously about someone having trouble with the wiper wheel boxes due to water ingress through the split gaiters.
  9. Soeley


    Hi and welcome to the forum, I have a 2011 iQ3 manual. Check out the link in my signature below to follow my story.
  10. This Useful Link will take you to all the fitting instructions for all the Toyota accessories.
  11. Hi, I have the storage net and like you first I thought it fitted across the back of the front seats to stop things rolling off the boot floor. However it goes towards the back, it is quite handy though. Fitting Instructions.
  12. Hi, Sorry for the delay, hope this helps
  13. Soeley

    Tyre Size

    Afraid I can't help you with you tyres, but I would like to see more pictures of that iQ if you have any 👍
  14. I think they could have done a better job with the wheel arch extensions, they spoil the whole look of it. Good fun though 🙂
  15. Hello and welcome back to the iQ