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  1. I know this is quite a while ago, but I had a cat back stainless steel made at Demontweeks for £315. Be worth giving them a call. Check out bottom of page 3.
  2. If you plan on keeping the car, then try Demontweaks, I had a full CAT back stainless system made by them. Price wise it might be competitive to OEM from Toyota?
  3. Hi Craig, it good to hear you still have the iQ. I wish I could have kept mine and still got the Jimny. Strangely enough mine has not been taxed or MOT'd since I part x'd her 😞
  4. Have a look HERE i still have them on my current car and they are still like new.
  5. Sorry, it should have read "Have you had a price....." When I had mine do before I sold her it was about £40 to £50 a wheel.
  6. Have had a price for getting them refurbished, should be plenty of local places.
  7. Years ago I got a stainless steel Cat back exhaust made a Demon Tweeks, came with a life time warranty. They cut, bent and welded it all in a couple of hours. I think I paid £315. SEE HERE
  8. The wheels are now sold. I'm sure the new owner will be very happy with them.
  9. Soeley


    I think the 15" & 16" were the same size overall, just the 16" had lower profile tyres, (It's been a while, maybe someone can confirm that?)
  10. Soeley


    I can confirm fitting those 17" rims caused no problems at all on my iQ, the overall rolling diameter was well within the 3% size difference of the original 16" wheels.
  11. The wheels are still for sale, bargain at £200. Someone please save me from going the Ebay route 😵
  12. Hi, I have set of wheels for sale, take a look. https://www.toyotaownersclub.com/forums/topic/188051-17-calibre-pro-7-alloy-wheels-tyres/
  13. The wheels are still for sale, bargain at £200. Someone please save me from going the Ebay route 😵
  14. Wheels are still for sale. Reduced to £200. Hope everyone is doing well in the iQ community?
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