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  1. I know this is quite a while ago, but I had a cat back stainless steel made at Demontweeks for £315. Be worth giving them a call. Check out bottom of page 3.
  2. If you plan on keeping the car, then try Demontweaks, I had a full CAT back stainless system made by them. Price wise it might be competitive to OEM from Toyota?
  3. Hi Craig, it good to hear you still have the iQ. I wish I could have kept mine and still got the Jimny. Strangely enough mine has not been taxed or MOT'd since I part x'd her 😞
  4. Have a look HERE i still have them on my current car and they are still like new.
  5. Sorry, it should have read "Have you had a price....." When I had mine do before I sold her it was about £40 to £50 a wheel.
  6. Have had a price for getting them refurbished, should be plenty of local places.
  7. Years ago I got a stainless steel Cat back exhaust made a Demon Tweeks, came with a life time warranty. They cut, bent and welded it all in a couple of hours. I think I paid £315. SEE HERE
  8. The wheels are now sold. I'm sure the new owner will be very happy with them.
  9. Soeley


    I think the 15" & 16" were the same size overall, just the 16" had lower profile tyres, (It's been a while, maybe someone can confirm that?)
  10. Soeley


    I can confirm fitting those 17" rims caused no problems at all on my iQ, the overall rolling diameter was well within the 3% size difference of the original 16" wheels.
  11. The wheels are still for sale, bargain at £200. Someone please save me from going the Ebay route 😵
  12. Hi, I have set of wheels for sale, take a look. https://www.toyotaownersclub.com/forums/topic/188051-17-calibre-pro-7-alloy-wheels-tyres/
  13. The wheels are still for sale, bargain at £200. Someone please save me from going the Ebay route 😵
  14. Wheels are still for sale. Reduced to £200. Hope everyone is doing well in the iQ community?
  15. Ok, time to bump this thread back up. Wheels are still for sale, not been used since being refurbished. Reduced to £200.
  16. Soeley

    Battery issue

    Keep the engine running whilst using the compressor.
  17. Hi, I still have these for sale. Not been used since being refurbished.
  18. Just to let you all know I have put my wheels up for sale in the For Sale section.
  19. Seeing as I px'd my iQ back in January I am no longer in need of these wheels, so they are up for sale. All in excellent condition! May also fit other models. They can be seen here In My Thread (that page and the one following). They are currently shod with Yokohama BluEarth AE50 tyres (205/45/17). they have done 17,500 miles and have about 4mm of tread on them. Complete with wheel nuts and 4 locking nuts and the wheel bags thrown in as well. £300 including delivery. (I'll try and find the picture of the wheel bags and add it later)
  20. My January 2011 Pear White iQ had no paint problems until Jan 2019 when I PX'd her.
  21. Soeley

    Soeleys Iq

    I forgot to add, it has been a pleasure being apart of this community and thank you to everyone who has helped out over the years. Frosty, Thank you. David, Yes I am still on that number. Thank you for your kind comments and the help over the years, it has been and still is greatly appreciated. Scott, I must admit I fell for the Jimny when I first saw the early pictures in July, and was quick to put a deposit down in August and luckily the dealer got allocated the colour and model I wanted.
  22. Soeley

    Soeleys Iq

    Well yesterday was a day of mixed feelings. "All good things come to an end" and all that I suppose, but after 7 years 3 months of ownership and with 85,600 on the clock I traded in my iQ for something new and quite different. Last Saturday I removed all my add'ons and put her back to standard form (apart from the S/S exhaust). I still have the 17" rims with good summer tyres on that I will put up for sale soon. Here she is for one last time, after one last wash before going to the garage to do the trade in. I would be happy if the new owner finds their way on here and has many more happy miles which I'm sure she has in her yet. "What did you trade her in for?" I hear you ask. A new 2019 Suzuki Jimny 1.5 Petrol, quite a change in car I know, but this is the only car to consider for me, absolutely nothing else appeals at all. I'll pop in and out now and again, Happy Motoring everyone 👍
  23. The horn under the bonnet is the bleeper that sounds when you try and lock the doors with the fob inside the car. There is a single horn behind the bumper, that is the actual horn and alarm call. I know this as I swapped that one for an air horn, and I have a very loud alarm as well as horn.
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