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  1. I had this problem. Start fine from cold but drive it for a while, turn it off and won't start until it cools down. Put a brand new starter on the car. And guess what. Exactly the same. Made no difference. It turns over as if the battery is flat. Leave it until it's cold and it fires straight up. Doing my head in!
  2. Hi Guys. A while since I've been here again. I've had this problem for quite a while now. The car will start in the mornings no problem. And again at night. But if I drive for say, half an hour or so and turn it off. Say at a fuel station. It really struggles to start again. It's as if the battery is run down. It sometimes takes 4 or 5 turns of the key. The engine barely turning over. But if I leave it for say 10 minutes it starts perfectly fine. I have had the battery tested and it's perfectly fine. Showing 13v and doesn't drop. My best guess is that the starter motor has a problem or it is a sensor at fault. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  3. Hi Guys While since I've been here but let me get straight to the point. 3 weeks ago I run very, very low on oil due to a leaking oil filter. The filter was replaced and oil filled back up. A week later whilst my partner was driving the car the turbo failed dramatically. I had the car recovered and proceeded to remove the turbo, which was intact but well knackered. Not the easiest job I've ever done. I have purchased a reconditioned unit with new gaskets. I have also drained the oil. I do keep reading that I need to replace the oil feed pipe. Is this necessary? I personally feel the cause of the failure being lack of oil not a blockage. There is also oil in the intercooler and various pipes. The intercooler and pipes have been standing draining for a week now and have been wiped out as best as can be. Will this be suffice? The vehicle is a 2002 Rav4 D4D. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  4. Thanks for that. It is its first belt as well. Its long overdue but still low mileage at 70k.
  5. Hello guys. Been a member of the site for a while but not used it often enough. I have a 2002 Rav4 D4D. The timing belt needs replacing. Its quite an expensive kit for me. I was told I could save a few quid by not replacing the hydraulic tensioner as I have been told they rarely go wrong. Obviously it would be inspected whilst doing the job. Any one have any idea of the truth of the matter? Thanks.
  6. Would injection quality just affect it when it was cold?
  7. I have tried turning the ignition on a few times to get the plugs warmed. not really sure if it makes a lot of difference. I would like to solve the problem, rather than just overcome it tho.
  8. Hi I have a 2002 Rav4 D4D. It recently started to be difficult to start. It also had a serious loss of power when it did start. It seems to get to normal temperature fairly quickly. This could be due to having my foot flat on the floor to get it to go. On idle it is fine. I replaced the glo plugs, which made no difference. I was told it would be the EGR valve sticking. I have taken it off and cleaned it with carb cleaner, replaced it and that has made no difference either. Sometimes the engine management light comes on, sometimes it doesn't. When it does, it will go off and stay off by turning the engine off and restarting. Once it gets to normal temperature the car is fine and runs the way it should. Any ideas guys???
  9. Cheers Jim. I'm most concerned about the 'bits' you can't see. Mine is held on with a single nut and the coax connector is smaller than standard. It also has a small block connector. I have seen so many different connectors its crazy. I also know that the 2004 aerial is held on with 2 smaller 'bolts' as opposed to one bigger nut.
  10. bobwill27

    Rav4 Aerial

    Just a quick question guys. I need a new aerial base for my 2002 5 door d4d. I have the opportunity of one off a 2002 3 door vvti. I suspect they are an identical fitting. Could anyone confirm this. Cheers.
  11. bobwill27

    New To Rav4

    Hello All You may remember me from earlier in the year. I was asking the 'Rav4 or Xtrail' question. I've decided to join you boys and I pick it up tomorrow. I think what finally swayed it was the Xtrails turbos that appear to be made by 'Cadburys' Its a 2002 D4D GX in black, privacy glass, tow bar (small trailer towed), private plate, and an incredible 48K on the clock. I will be doing the rear door check strap conversion, so if anyone has a spare one for sale let me know, otherwise it looks like I'll be giving Japarts 51 quid. I'll also be adding some stainless side steps (to help the mother-in-law get in) :crutchy: and maybe one or two other bits and pieces along the way. Look forward to chatting with you guys more.
  12. You done well to get your motor 'trutta' I've been looking for months on ebay, autotrader, gumtree, etc for something with a reasonable mileage and condition. The problem is living in the Lake District, its hard to find something within 100 mile! I'm not even too fussy about the colour, as long as it aint red. Black would be ideal but silver or gold would do. This being the most I've ever spent on a vehicle, would like to get it right
  13. Thanks for the info guys. I would be looking to do the servicing myself. No OBD is a little inconvenient but hopefully the reliability of the Toyota should make it not too much of a problem? I am similar to 'Davidsom' just need more traction in the winter living as we do on an estate up a hill in the Lake District. I think my biggest concern with the X-trail is the turbo and engine, even the Renault DCi lump which, by all accounts is as 'trutta' put it, made of plasticine. 'Thicket's comment about the cabin being more noisy is interesting. I currently drive a 1998 Civic estate petrol, the road noise is something I've got used to Obviously the Rav's I'm looking at are quite high mileage. With a reasonable amount of attention, what sort of mileage will the diesel lump do?
  14. Hello All. I am in the process of purchasing a newer vehicle. After some thought and the last 2 years of floods and snow in the Lake District I've decided to go 4x4. I'm looking to spend around 4K - 5K on a 02 - 03 diesel. I think I've pretty much narrowed it down to either a Rav4 or an Nissan X-trail. They both have their pro's and con's which is making the choice a little hard. Rav4 is permanent 4x4, where X-trail can be 2 or 4 for better economy. The Rav4 is better looking IMO. X-trail has a larger cargo area. Rav4 has the Speedo in the normal place, where the X-trails is in the centre of the dashboard. Etc, etc. I have read of various problems with both models also, flywheels, turbos, intercoolers, etc. I'm sure, this being a Toyota forum that most if not all will come down on the side of the Rav4, but I'm happy to listen to whatever anyone kindly takes the time and effort to type. Thanks All.