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  1. redaygo

    Aygo Issues

    quite a result today after the alledged japanese car breaker specialist had to ask me where the ecu was for the power steering, i got it in the post yesterday,.... took it to my usual garage and they fitted it for me, for the grand total of........ a handshake, works like a treat now all i need to do is get saving for a clutch
  2. redaygo

    Aygo Issues

    getting one from 24/7 spares for 130 on special delivery comes with 3 month guarantee , can anyone tell me if this is just a plug in and go or will i need to get it coded to the car, this months been a bummer so the rainy day accounts took a batttering so if i can do this myself all the better
  3. redaygo

    Aygo Issues

    its an 06 1.0 petrol..... been onto some breakers but no aygos so prob better chance of getting a pug or citroen
  4. redaygo

    Aygo Issues

    just a quick question, since they are virtually the same car, am i right in saying that the ECU is the same in all 3 cars,
  5. redaygo

    Aygo Issues

    evening all . my wee aygo has landed me with two issues in the last month which . dealer wise one is expensive and the other is the usual aygo issue of the clutch, but the main issue is the power steering ecu the power steering ECU has a fault with no power going to it, had it in at toyota and they are quoting the best part of £600 to renew the whole thing , had it at a garage that does ecu repairs and they said was a micro fracture on either the circuit or the soldering at the power cable in the ECU, they told me it was at most temp fix and could last for ages or be ba
  6. just thought i'd introduce myself im graeme from airdrie in lanarkshire, married 3 kids, we have a 3 dr red aygo 1.0 in chillie red and a silver vectra liking the wee machine quite nippy and very good mpg which is great these days but a few niggles creeping in which i will be posting about as im needing some advice thanks
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