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  1. Hi I took delivery of my Auris HSD today, and the dealer hadn't fitted the iPod integration kit as requested. The explanation was that the USB already gave me that. I didn't believe that as it costs almost £300. I tried my iPod in the USB socket, but the display simply gives me a track number. I don't think I have any control except previous/next track. Does the integration kit give me song info, and control (especially shuffle)? And does it come with a built-in cable? Thanks Rich
  2. Thanks for the replies. £1.99 for the mag mount? How sticky is it? Rich
  3. Hi I'm getting an Auris HSD next Friday, without a built-in sat nav. I could go for a unit such as the Garmin 3790T, but I don't want to attach to the screen, as it will leave a visible mark, nor do I want to stick it to the dashboard. Any other non-destructive ways to mount it, or a similar device? Or, I could go a built-in device. Any recommendations, that fit nicely in the dash? Or, I could get a smartphone, but again I need to mount it. Any ideas? Rich
  4. Hi I'm taking delivery of an Auris HSD T Spirit on the 4th March. I've got a couple of questions that I can't find an answer to: The Auris TR has dual zone climate control, but the T4 and T Spirit do not. Anyone know why? and When should I select neutral on the gearbox? I would normally put the handbrake on when waiting in traffic - should I select neutral as well? Rich PS What's error 1026 when I try to edit my profile?
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