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  1. dee s


    http://www.bbc.co.uk...litics-18277311 The days of having free/cheap VED for the Prius may be coming to an end
  2. What has happend to the Civic hybrid, it look like just like an Insight
  3. The price of cars manufactured in Japan has risen due to the exchange rate. Not sure if this is having an effect on sales though.
  4. dee s

    Gap Insurance

    Just taken delivery of a Gen 3 and wow what a brill car. However I think i upset the dealer by not taking Gap insurance for £299. Anyone have this insurance and is it necessary ?
  5. When is the Plug in being relesed then ? Still no date announced it seems
  6. I seen a 10th limited edition in Black. Why is the Black hard to keep clean ?
  7. dee s

    Plug In Prius

    Thanks for that. I assume therefore that there will then be 3 models, the plug in, the current one and the 7 seater... And the various grades of each one too! 4 now I believe. My internet reading tells me a compact model is being planned
  8. dee s

    Plug In Prius

    What I want to know, is the plug in an optional extra or is it a completely separate car? Its a totally seperate car, The plug in part is in the front wing passenger side. There are pics on the Toyota website and it has a different battery. Apparently will do 12.5 miles on battery power
  9. dee s

    Plug In Prius

    I have registered myself on the Toyota website for the Plug In Prius. Anyone know what the price will be? They will be selling for more the the current model I believe, the car also qualifies for the Government Grant
  10. Where do you get the Lexus serviced then. i am looking for a change but no Lexus dealers here. The Toyota man said we dont service them or maybe he was trying to get me to buy another Toyota.
  11. I bought my VW from Trade sales, their prices are great but no negotiation. Ask for part exchange and it seems to put them off you for some reason. They sell you the car and if something goes wrong you have to take it up with the manufacture under warrantee. My VW had about £2400 work done. The Prius is great and am looking to trade it in for Gen 3 now. The prices seem to hve gone up. Same spec. same year more milage £500 more then what i paid for.
  12. I had a VW diesel and the cam belt was due and i was was quoted £500 approx. The Prius is chain driven and thats another advantage over diesel. Not sure which diesel engines are chain driven but cambelts change should be taken into account when buying a car.
  13. I would take some Legal advice on the matter. Trading standards would be the first place to go.If my memory serves me right, HiQ is a tyre/exhaust place a bit like Kwik fit. I would never trust my Prius to a organisation like them. Try and contact head office and see what they can suggest.
  14. dee s


    Its my first time of raising a new topic taken me long enough though. But just wanted to know, Does the Prius really hold its value. I have read that it does not, but sometimes I read that it does. With the Petrol prices continually increasing I would have though it would
  15. Agree with you 100%. Only the Japanese can make a car like a Prius. If you want a reliable car then Japan is where they come from. Just look at the JD Power chart.
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