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  1. Yeah I knew that! So wher you gonna put everything else when the sofa arrives??!
  2. Lmao, everyones so touchy in here, no wonder the place is emptying fast!
  3. I thought you'd spent your bonus.... But then I thought again lol
  4. Lmao! When? Edit: Just did a route finder thingy, its six and half hours away!!
  5. Gimme a txt later, I'm working till 9pm at least but I'll be out soon as I finish!! Saw Andy in spoons last night.
  6. Right, who's upsetting everyone on here?
  7. They look smart Mr.Lad, Would defo look good polished.
  8. Good find Rash. I still wouldn't 9.5k for a rev 1 though, but if it was rev 3+
  9. I remember them too mate! Ta-da..... Don't think they were around for long though, not very popular :( I found Jim's nuts! ( now going to go wash my hands!)
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