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  1. Yeah I knew that! So wher you gonna put everything else when the sofa arrives??!
  2. Lmao, everyones so touchy in here, no wonder the place is emptying fast!
  3. I thought you'd spent your bonus.... But then I thought again lol
  4. Lmao! When? Edit: Just did a route finder thingy, its six and half hours away!!
  5. Gimme a txt later, I'm working till 9pm at least but I'll be out soon as I finish!! Saw Andy in spoons last night.
  6. So... Exactly who bought the sofa?
  7. Right, who's upsetting everyone on here?
  8. They look smart Mr.Lad, Would defo look good polished.
  9. Good find Rash. I still wouldn't 9.5k for a rev 1 though, but if it was rev 3+
  10. I remember them too mate! Ta-da..... Don't think they were around for long though, not very popular :( I found Jim's nuts! ( now going to go wash my hands!)