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  1. rik1002

    Error C1201

    Hi. I have one of these and was using the supplied Toyota Techstream software. I have also attached the Freeze frame data if that will be any help
  2. rik1002

    Error C1201

    Hi. Thanks for answering. Is the C1441 error the main culprit then?
  3. rik1002

    Error C1201

    Hi All Wonder if someone can help point me in the right direction.I drive a 2009 Toyota RAv4 D-4D VX I went on holiday last week. I was overtaking on a up hill accelerating quite quickly the car all of a sudden lost power. 4x4 system failure and Engine Control Failure were flashing on the screen. I pulled over and disconnected the battery and drove on again with no problems. Nothing happened again for another 5 days. Now coming back today same thing happened twice and both times are when I was accelerating to over take on a up hill. I plugged in a diagnostic cable and it came up with error C1201 and C1441. Am I assuming that error C1441 is triggered due to the loss in power. After reading I see that C1201 is triggered something else. I have gone through all the other systems and only find another error in the Aircon section B1421 and B1424, something about Solar sensor circuit. Anyone have any idea's on this one? Regards Ryan
  4. rik1002

    Tire Advice

    Thanks very much for the help. I checked the book and it confirms that 2 on the same axle. I thought that because its the 4x4 version that you have to do 4 at a time. Maybe that's true for cars that are permanent 4x4? No rules in South Africa about this...We can't even keep the lights on
  5. rik1002

    Tire Advice

    Hi All I am from South Africa and drive a 2010 Toyota Rav4 D-4D 4x4 VX I need to replace 2 tires. Do I have to replace all 4 or can I just replace 2? Another problem is that the current Duel 687's aren't made anymore. So not sure if I can replace 2 with the newer model ? Thanks for the help Ryan
  6. Hi All Wonder if someone could help me. I've had one of these Caska Nav systems installed on my 2010 Toyota Rav4 2.2 D-4D. Also had the reverse camera option installed as well. This unit does support the IPAS system it just doesn't seem to be working. When I asked their technical manager, he said that Toyota's do not have Steering Wheel position sensors. Is this true ? Thanks in advanced Ryan