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  1. well it was 500 quid .. when i ordered the car and considering that 500 is a fair amount of money and doesnt really do much to add value to a car at resale i opted against it. hope you understand now ?
  2. Id imagine so ... i did it and it was a piece of pish to fit :)
  3. OK .............. Maybe i wont then !!! LOL might just stick to the window opening scenario ! :)
  4. i decided not to have air con but want it now!!
  5. nice one ... ill fire this back to them... if it breaks its under warranty anyway.. was it every so often the reverse wouldnt select? then youd think it was in and didnt work? Possibly...... There's no synchromesh on the Aygo's reverse gear. If the car is cold & the gearbox oil is thick, you might end up with the reverse gears coming together tooth-to tooth. If you dip your clutch in neutral then try again, they generally line up properly. As things loosen up with age, this problem usually cures itself. Happens to mine a couple of times a year, mines MMT. It just tries again and it goes in. My wife has a manual, same thing. A few times a year, she has to dip clutch in Neutral to get all the gears moving then select reverse a second time. If you just keep moving the gearstick forwards & backwards, the gears won't move. You have to lift the clutch in Neutral to spin them up. Hope this helps. Ian. thats great Ian , thanks for the advice, its happening more than a couple of times a year couldnt put a number on it but since march maybe a hundred times. however toyota think its ok
  6. nice one ... ill fire this back to them... if it breaks its under warranty anyway.. was it every so often the reverse wouldnt select? then youd think it was in and didnt work?
  7. So what was the problem ? as its intermittent but keep thinking its gonna ruin soon !
  8. Oi, not so much of the "Aygo type car" Even if itis "just an Aygo" it is still someone's pride and joy and if they want to lavish attention it then who are we to deny them that pleasure. Im speaking generally .. i have an aygo ! But im not ocd with it
  9. I agree with ihpj !! I cant actually believe people go over the top with the products.. If its good enough for a lambo then its definitely ok for any aygo ! But then again .. would you ask about how to clean a house ?
  10. The ABS must br really screwed then, the only time mine EVER works is when I first collect a car and deliberately try it out! Yeah i think its been like that since i got it , the engineer said to me within the first 2 weeks that they are pretty sensitive however it should die down a bit. Its any time im going over 30 miles an hour and having to break dowm , slower speeds its not kicking in unless its un even road surfaces or something like that
  11. well a number of issues has prompted me to put the aygo go into the garage.. over enthusiatic abs .. nearly caused a few accidents clutch / transmition issues with car cutting out and not restarting (manual box)happened 3 times not finding reverse gear suspension being very rigid...
  12. Old Viper is the new mr Kipling then
  13. sorry dude not a fan of it .. Aygo aint a boy racer car so I personally dont see the point in things like that .. but thats my opinion of course.
  14. good good thats what i like to hear .. prefer chain :)
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