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  1. s44gtw

    Front Spats

    Nosey as well, what size tyres were you on before and now, if you are 2" higher, (or have you changed the suspension as well?) what is the change in total diameter/circumference doing to your gearing. & who did you find to buy your orginal spats, and how much did you get for them? http://kouki.co.uk/utilities/visual-tyre-size-calculator
  2. Probably the same reason as you get ECO Tyres fitted, & Standard Brake Pads not Upgraded ones, Standard Disc Brakes, Airfilters. OEM equipment as bought for the mass market. Upgrade and after market upgrades are often cheaper anyway when bought and fitted by yourself. How much will Toyota or any other Manufacturer charge if the Silicone Wipers are an Option.? They are fitting blades anyway of the cheaper kind. Maybe buy, Lexus, Infinity, Merc, Audi, BMW, Volvo etc and you might get Silicone Blades as Standard. (Did the Cygnet get them put on as standard?) Using Wipers regularly in rainy places is not normally what kills blades IME. It is them sitting mostly unused, Winter, Spring, Summer, Autumn. Winter, getting cooked or frozen to the windscreen and drying out. It is good that Silicone Wipers are now readily available, I used to have to buy Scandanavian ones that were good in cold weather and did not rip easily in the cold. They were about 5 times as expensive back in the pre Internet/Amazon/Ebay days. george
  3. s44gtw

    Zx1 Lube

    No. Can i suggest you close the bonnet and step back. Go get professional advice if there is something needing doing to the gearbox. What are you doing to the Multidrive/CVT and why, is there some fault, or is it you intending doing a service, ? and possibly/likely invalidating your Original Manufacturers Warranty. george
  4. s44gtw

    Surveillance Car

    We had the thread a few years ago with them illegally parked, in No Parking Areas, Disabled Bays, on Double Yellows, and the one damaged while parked in & obstructing a Bus Lane. george
  5. Bob, i read in the other thread that you do only 5,000 miles a year, So does that mean with the MPG you get, that you use around 1 1/2 gallons a week only, while doing pretty short runs, or do you achieve that sort of economy on longer trips? george
  6. Are you going to Give 'Tesco Momentum 99' a try and see what their 99 Octane gives you. ? If it gives the same MPG as the Shell V-Power Nitro, you will be able to get at least 1 litre more for the same cost, so that would be an extra 13 miles or so covered. http://www.tescopfs.com/our-fuel/specifications
  7. United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland. & this might not include Scotland from the 24th March 2016, depends on the Referendum on the 18th September 2014. This Winter past during the floods we were near not needing Scottish Independence to be shot of the UK Government.
  8. I would not consider a Citigo/Up!/Mii as a replacement for a iQ. The 3 door has as big a door as an iQ and the Seatbelt is a PITA, and the space no better than Picantos or the likes in the front. (I have an old style Picanto auto by the way, and a Skoda Fabia 1.4 Twincharger DSG & an iQ Multidrive) 5 Door Citigo/Up!/Mii , well you need to like painted metal. the Automated Manual. (ASG) is just tragic. 3 door and manual, nippy and good handling, might as well look at Fiesta ST, Even used. For Auto and the nicest interior around, & almost the same seating position as an iQ, Audi A1, even a used one, but not cheap.
  9. re The A9, The Main Road to reach the North in Scotland. With the Average Speed Cameras going in now Between Perth & Inverness, & ready for going live in October. (There is a Trial raising of the Speed limit for HGV's on the Single Carraiegeways.) There will be plenty of time during the Installations to sit Square Wheels looking at the scenery. & then until 2025 when the route is possibly all Dualed. http://bbc.co.uk/news/uk-scotland-highlands-islands-25236767 george
  10. There is a reason that people go into Toyota Showrooms and buy an iQ and not an Aygo, and that will often have been because the iQ had the ample space in the front for a driver and a passenger, & ease of access/exit being important. So the Aygo has its customers and the iQ had its. Is the new Aygo to have more space, because if not there are other small City Cars that do, Not any that can match an IQ, that i can think of though. Aygo being a cheap Toyota IMO and the iQ, even the cheapest model is light years ahead of them.
  11. 80,000 miles is fine, but those are your spark plugs and you know how you drive or use your car, fuel used etc & if it is still achieving good economy. Others might want to change plugs before 80,000 miles. some 2009 iQ's might be in their 5th year and not done even 40,000 miles and might benefit from new plugs. george
  12. s44gtw


    If Hypermileing and 100 mpg runs interest you, then maybe worth looking closer at fuels. You will not find much from Royal Dutch Shell, they just meet minimum like any other Fuel Producer. Paying 5-10 pence a litre for additives and Advertising and Sponsoring Formula 1 might seem worth it, if it does actually perform better than other 99 octane fuel. Putting them on a Dyno is a good plan, and shows the Efficiancy the Engine Runs at in different rev ranges. As it is, there is little differences with a 1 Litre 3 cylinder iQ actually. Toyota have it pretty right for various ambient temps and fuels. *Real proof is on the road and does the more expensive fuel cover its extra cost, or does it save you money on consumables, Oil, Filter, Plugs, Exhausts etc.* Tesco Momentum Produced by 'Greenergy' will give you all the spec of their fuel. http://www.tescopfs.com/our-fuel/testing_results There main thing is the testing between Tesco 95 ron, and Momentum 99 @ 5 pence a litre more. but most 95 RON in the UK is much like Tesco Supermarket fuel. Easier to Hypermile in some vehicles with the like of Hyperflo 250 @ 102 ron But then that costs me £67 for 25 litres. & we do not buy it really for its economy, just its constancy (Quality) when a MAPing and engine to the Octane of fuel being used.
  13. s44gtw


    bobneale, if your car runs better on Shell V Power Nitro which is 99 Ron minimum, then your car will run equally as well on Tesco Momentum 99 Which is a Minumum 99 Octane and which is likely to cost you £1.50 less for 30 litres, So that will buy you an extra litre of Momentum over the V -Power. Since you get 15 miles per litre, then you win, car will run the same if you get better performance or more efficient running from 99 Octane, and go further for the same money. Shell like to keep their Additives.Cleaners secret, but Sodium is just Common Salt. There is no magic to it, if your engine benefits from a higher Octane then thats that. 100-102 RON in Mainland Europe can be a lovely thing. In the UK 'Super unleaded' only needs to be 97 RON, so you need to check which are 97 or 98 ron Sainsbury Super is Minimum 97, so are some others and some are 98 RON minimum. Not always accurate or up to date. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Octane_rating george
  14. Celica Euan, & Edinburgh is not affluent? Actually i do not see as many iQ in Edinburgh as around Perth, Dundee & Aberdeen & surrounding areas. iQ's are plentyful in Scotland. That will be those that like VFM in first or second cars. For the EV's & EV iQ's if they had gone ahead, Edinburgh and Glasgow are the Cities that are going to have lots of Charging Points and Glasgow already has now for the Commonweath Games this Summer, But the current Scottish Government have committed to installing charging points to cover every 50 miles. I will believe that when it happens, but they need to do something to get use of all the Generated Energy from Wind Farms that is going unused during the night. george
  15. Dont use Struans then, if thats their best price. go use a good local Mechanic or an Independent 'Garage', you have plenty around. Or DIY. Toyota Dealefship know how to charge so that Customers end up going to good Independents. Maybe the Showroom is not so fancy or the Coffee, but its the Workshop that matters. http://toyota.co.uk/service-and-maintenance/car-servicing http://toyota.co.uk/service-and-maintenance/repairs-and-parts george
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