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  1. looking good Phil, were did you get the bulbs from?
  2. Anyone know how to remove the colour coded part of the wing mirrors on a t sport?
  3. Ok, so I've been given a Power Flow Induction kit from a mate, but it is originally from a Supra. What I'd like to know is if it is possible to just buy a pipe with the correct sized MAF housing in? Will get pictures of the induction kit tomorrow...
  4. I had the same issues, chrome flaking of, looked horrible. So I did this. If you don't want to wrap, (other choices besides CF) then strip the chrome of, and re-paint. Someone on here has done that, looks good.
  5. Well, its that time of year for insurance renewal..... Esure wanted £649.. without mods declared and my dad on the policy ( ) So went to the Insurance supermarkets!! Admiral wanted £606 without mods declared, so I thought I'd try with the mods on.. So declared, lowered suspension, rear window tints and sideskirts!! Now they want £578.... bargain.. (I think) I still think this is still expensive for me.. But nevermind it's sorted for 12mths...
  6. Found them, will be giving them a call tomorrow Any luck with the above Dangermooser??
  7. Love that look mate.Well done I agree it does look a bit sexy, but the inlet manifold lets it down a bit, get grinding/polishing and it'll make all the difference. It does look nice the engine bay, painting or polishing the manifold will finish it off I think. I Polished mine, just need to do something with the engine cover (that's in the pipeline ;) )
  8. This is on EvilBay... I know its not the TTE one but its an option http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/Toyota-Corolla-E12-02-04-Orciari-ABS-Rear-Lip-Spoiler-/120736097781?pt=UK_CarsParts_Vehicles_CarParts_SM&hash=item1c1c6ea5f5
  9. It is red in colour, the issue is 2 buttons not illuminating.... does anyone know what bulb type they are?
  10. Ok so I had a bit of time on Friday and changed my console lights from green to red (used Tamiya Clear Red paint) but this is what I'm getting... The AC and Front window button isn't illuminated Any ideas?
  11. Cool, where are you planning on installing the ballasts? are you taking the bumper off? Wanna try installing without taking bumper of, but I know the drivers side will be a !Removed!!! And not decided on where to place the ballasts. They are quite small so shouldn't be an issue.
  12. How much lower does the splitter make it?
  13. Adam-up. Hopefully I will be fitting them myself. Weather permitting Dangermooser. Your cars looking nice, with the splinter and badgeless grill
  14. Well not updated my thread for a bit. Been busy doing some small mods.. Added LED sidelights and bought these... Also been doing a bit of wrapping.... Also poilshed the manifold... Think I'm gonna paint it though, coz it was a real pain in the *****!!
  15. Check eBay, search for aluminium Di noc...
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