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  1. By the way I meant to add I have looked at a Auris Tourer Hybrid and although it drove well and has great boot space, the legroom in back is simply not adequate and getting in and out of the back (due to depth of backs of front seats so feet don't go under them like in the Prius if you get my drift) was awkward and as we have to transport eldery relatives makes it a no-go unfortunately
  2. I am about to take early retirement. Currently have a Jan 2010 Gen 3 Prius T-Spirt as a leased company car so need to get a replacement car. Trying to decide whether to buy this Prius or a new/newer one or alternatively a cheaper new car (eg Focus diesel estate Titanium spec). Current car has done 40k miles, has obviously been serviced regularly and has just been given the extended hybrid certificate at last service. Never had anything go wrong, only needed two front tyres so far. The usual few minor car park dings, slightly kerbed alloys (and a very fine arced scratch on windscreen that seems to be in the coating (?) but oddly I think it might get a crack soon and need replacing :-) ). Lease company are asking just over £13k which seems a litte steep compared to dealer prices but they are inflexible (anybody ever managed to negotiate with Lexautolease?), but of course I know the car's history which has to be worth something. I know that the Prius is generally pretty reliable and examples go on well past 150k but what can i expect to need to be done over next say 4 years (other usual tyres and regular servicing) e.g brakes, battery replacement, transaxle, hybrid system, other major parts if I do around 10-12k per annum. What is likely cost of these 'expected' repairs. What realistically is the worst thing that might go wrong and how pricey would that be? I like the driving style of Prius (eg being smooth auto), it has enough space and comfort, I like the gadgets it has (although obviously the Sat Nat is out of date but not sure its worth paying the update cost) and of course love the fuel consumption. Main downside are the rattles but I have lived wth them for 4 years... A new Prius would be nice but a bit pricey. However for cheaper alternatives I am nervous about getting a diesel due to DPF horror stories (and don't think I would like hit on MPG for a non-hybrid petrol eg Ford's 1.0 ecoboost) I am driving the wife mad with my indecision so any help/advice/views greatly appreciated
  3. Sign up to Quidco and get cashback on AA RAC and Greenflag cover (think you have to be a new customer technically so if you are currently with RAC then sign up with AA or Greenflag and vice versa). Can cut it down by well over 50% depending on level of cover you go for (have got basic roadside cover for around £8 net before).
  4. What is very wrong about all this inability to easily change a headlight bulb (and it afflicts many modern cars - I know from bitter experience the Ford Focus is a real pain and a sure-fire skin remover....) is that I believe I read somewhere that it is potentially infringing certain vehicle construction regulations. More over it makes a mockery of the legal requirement in France to carry spare bulbs if you can't actually change them easily and quickly by the roadside. Thank goodness bulbs last longer these days than years ago, although at least you could change an Austin Maxi bulb in about 30 seconds flat
  5. Clearly one of the 28% that put their car in the garage (according to Daily Mail so it has to be true ) ... unlike the rest of us who can just about get into their garages let alone put a car in it.
  6. Had one within 3 weeks of getting car(well puncture anyway). Couldn't find anywhere locally that had the right tyre in stock but luckily local ATS managed to repair the tyre and touch wood its been OK since. Mind you thought I would have had puncture the other day (well actually thought I'd have a flattened wheel rim !) from the thump when I missed seeing a huge pothole... low profiles not so good for unrepaired country lanes One reason I went with the Prius (apart from all the other good things like low BIK tax :-) ) is cos it had a spare wheel. Having had an S-Max with the Aerosol Goo puncture kit and no spare and having been stranded on M27 with split side wall (Goo is good for that - not!) for 3 hours a spare of some description was top of my list of requirements
  7. Having had auto lights on all my cars for the last 10 years before the Prius I miss the feature as I keep forgetting to switch them on thinking that they'll come on automatically (doh!). There is obviously a light sensor as the Audio/Nav screen dims and brightens on cloudy days depending on when the sun comes out (not a lot this year granted....) so can't see why Toyota couldn't have made auto lights a standard feature.
  8. Totally agree about mobility scooters. Around here they are a bl**dy menace - should have to have compulsory insurance as well. Best one I saw though was in a shopping centre where the old woman had got the brake jammed by her walking stick and was heading over and down the staircase if we hadn't leaped and grabbed the back of it just in the nick of time (took 3 of us to hold it back) ...and did she thank us (well what do you think !!)
  9. Actually White stays remarkably clean. I have always had Silver cars as they don't show the dirt but thought the Prius in Silver look 'unfinished' and the Blizzard White suits the shape much bettter. I was also very concerned about White looking dirty all the time but I have had it 6 months now and I think I have washed it 5 times - mostly during the winter months - and it rarely looks grubby. Mind you all the heavy rain this summer has helped wash off most of the dirt lol. Anyway point is - dont dismiss the White as it really makes the car stand out from the crowd.
  10. Thats why when I organised my company car through Lex Leasing I made sure that I got a written confirmation from them that I could request 0w20 oil and the right type of tyres when it was serviced or tyres replaced. They agreed with no arguing to be fair. However yet to have first service so lets wait and see ..... I expect that as I am based around Bournemouth / Southampton area they will either make me use Westover Toyota, Snows in Southampton (where it came from) or Hedge End - I know people have been happy with Snows but any experience of Westover?
  11. princeotter

    Gracenote Hdd

    Thanks for the info. I have ordered a cigarette lighter plug adapter with USB charging outlet but it was cheap so maybe I will have trouble! I had thought it was the 3.5mm lead from the headphone jack that was picking up noise! What make cigarette lighter plug adapter is yours? David You can get a 3.5mm to 3.5mm audio lead that has a built in suppressor (choke) that cuts out the distortion (assuming that the distortion that people are referring to is a sort of high frequency whine that increases with engine speed). Griffin 6300NRCBL Noise-Reducing Audio Cable - it works very well - got mine for about £6 off Fleabay. I think Kensington do a similar one
  12. princeotter

    Road Noise

    I find the Prius' road noise quite bad on certain roads but no worse than a number of other cars I have had. Mine has 17" wheels which make it worse I believe. However tyre rumble I can put up with - what is annoying me is the creaky plastics, especially when its cold. The creaks seem to emanate from the 'flying bridge' console area but its hard to pin down - I think it may be the sliding cover of the storage box. Trouble is they are very spasmodic - enough to be annoying but not enough to kick up a fuss - I think its more to do with the frequency rather than the volume. Still ever mind - I just console (sic) myself with the £120 BIK tax saving each month lol Jan&Tone - you are right - the radio volume increases with speed if you set the ASD (or something like that) under Sound tab on the Audio panel (Mines a T-Spirit so have the satnav screen setup) - took me a while to find that out as I thought it was a setting to equalise the sound levels on playback of music stored on the HDD. Suppose I should have RTFM :-)