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  1. Hello Everyone. Firstly thank you to all with previous issues and advice. It appears my alternator has packed up on my 1997 2.0l petrol Rav4. I drove home from work a couple of nights ago, the battery light came on. Did a bad parking job, so tried starting her up again, but it would not start. The Engine light and battery light were both on......just a clicking noise then failure when turning key. I'm a little remote with village life so called out the AA to run some tests and they advised me the alternator had packed up, recieving no charge from the battery which was at 11.9 Volts. I am picking up a second hand alternator tonight, and will fit it tomorrow with a mechanic friend, but would like some advice or tips on any area that might be tricky in changing the alt, first time on a Rav for us. Is there a specific way we should loosen tension on the belt etc?? All hints and tips would be appreciated, along with advice from people who may have encountered the same symptoms on their Rav before, and if there were any after effects or issues.....ie could it be battery issues also?? Many thanks again Nathan
  2. Hey Again Just thought I would update this incase anyone has the same problem and let you know my findings. On inspection with my mechanic, we found the brake pads to be a little worn, nothing extreme enough to cause the flickering though. Brake fluid was full up, no need for a top up. We found it to be some chaffing of the wires, which is a bit of a pain as it will be a bit of a fiddle to change but there we go. I appreciate everyones help and advice. Many thanks to all
  3. Hey Thanks for both replies. To ''kav'' thanks for your advice, I will probably end up getting new pads over the weekend but to ''davrav'' can i just ask how i would go about checking the handbrake switch?? many thnks again to you both
  4. 1997 Rav4 GX Petrol 2.0 Hello Everyone. Its a ''when it rains.....it pours week'' i think. I have just noticed what I find to be a strange fault/occurance, and would love some help, advice or previous experience knowledge. When pulling off from a standing start to build up speed, the handbrake light will come on, as I reach the speed/revs required to change from 1st to 2nd gear and then from 2nd to 3rd gear. This usually occurs on a fast pull off, I live near a busy junction and to enter a main road needs to be done quickly sometimes, but very occasionly it will happen at normal pace. I have also noticed that occasionally when happily driving along at approx 30 - 40 mph there will bea squeaking coming from the front tyres, but if I turn the steering wheel even a tiny bit in either direction then this will go, only to return when driving in a straight line. Through a bit of research the squeaking may be caused by brake pad wear indicators. What does everyone think?? And are the two related?? Please let me know any thoughts, I will be grateful for any tips or advice. Many thanks
  5. Hi everyone 1997 Toyota Rav 4 GX 2.0 Yesterday I started to notice a heavy vibration when driving at a high speed. It seemed to start after i passed 55mph, and seemed to come from the front wheels area. The car felt as if i was driving on a cobbled road for about 20 seconds, and then it would slowly disapear. It happened on a couple of occassions but I would also like to advise that it didn't occur everytime I got to a higher speed, only every now and then. The road conditions were very good, motorways and main 'A' roads, so I feel it was not the road surface. Please can anyone offer previous experience and advice as to what they feel the problem might be, and possible rectifications. Many thanks Nathan
  6. Hey everyone just wanted to say hi and introduce. my name is nathan, i drive a 97 rav4 gx and currently living in bedfordshire. hope to get some answers and provide some when i can to any issues. cheers all
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