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  1. Thank you for the quick response and confirmation frosty.
  2. Dear members, I have just bought an Avensis 2.0 2011 plate. The car will not start unless the clutch is press down. Is this normal?
  3. Hi Heidfirst, Thank you for your post. My car has done 123,000 so no good will for me. :( I have read that many people in this forum has had the overhead gasket repaired, some 3 times on the same car. My fear is that the cylinder head maybe cracked. I am certainly not paying £6000. I am hoping some members might give me a guide price or had a similar problem and got it repaired. Cheers Paul
  4. Dear Members, I have just had a quick diagnostic on water loss and overheating problem. The water comes out of the overflow when on idle. The garage said I need to replace the overhead gasket. The owner of the garage was not available to give me a price until Monday. Anybody have any ideas on a guide price to carry out this work?
  5. Hi, I have an Avensis d4d 08 plate. I have just had the wheel bearing replaced which cured a rotational noise when driving. After this was repair the car was fine, but after 1 week (500 miles) later I now have a judder when braking, it's like the ABS is on all the time when braking. The ABS fault light does not come on. Any ideas?
  6. Hi the problem was the drivers side wheel bearing. It is now fixed.
  7. Hi Raistlin, The clutch pedel engages about 1/2 way up. The vibration from the noise (rotational) can be felt on both the clutch pedel and accelerator pedal but more so when the clutch is fully down, this could be because the pedal and foot is in contact with the floor, and is vibrating through the chassie. Yet the vibration/ noise is still heard and felt when the clutch is engaged and coasting, and when in neutral - no change. At did try letting the clutch in and reving the engine this morning on the way to work whilst traveling at 60mph and no change. The clutch engages fine and has been for the 3 years I have had the car, you can just feel it more on the foot when fully down, I think for the reasons intimated earlier in this post. I don't like the thought of driving it until it gets worse. cheers, Paul.
  8. Hi Guys, Took car to garage for tracking check and heath check, he said no problem with tracking. He checked the bearings as well and thought they were ok. However he did take it for a drive and he also heard the noise but said it was not loud enough for him to diagnose, but thought that it could be the gear box mounts as he felt vibration on the clutch pedel. He suggest I keep driving until it get worst or louder and then return it back to the garge for further diagnostic. In the mean time I got a great price for the breaings supplied and fitted for £75 each. any thoughts on the above?
  9. Hi Pauljj, The mileage is also just over 90K. I think it is the bearings aswell, my only doubt is that I have done bearing on other cars (Fords) and when they go you know by jacking up the wheel and you can feel movement and it grinds when you rotate the wheel. I don't see any of these symptons on my Avensis. I will get the tracking done this afternoon as it need doing anyway due to the positive camber issue with it balding on the outside, if this does not resolve it I will start obtaining prices for changing the bearings. I know the part is £30, I was going to ring a few garages to see what they would charge if I took the part and the hub to press out old for new?, this way the majority of the labour would be done by me. Any way i will keep you all updated. Cheers Paul.
  10. Hi Raistlin, I will get the tracking done tomorrow and write back on this post if it resolves the noise. Another observation is that I can feel the vibration from the noise on the accelerator peddle. Cheers Paul
  11. Hi FROSTYBALLS, Just had a new tyre fitted yesterday, drivers side front, and the passenger tyre is only 4 months old and looks even wear. However the tyre I got replaced was near bald on the outside but about 5mm in the middle. If this helps your thought mode. Cheers Paul
  12. Hi, I have an Avensis D4D T4 year 07 plate, two weeks ago I started to hear a rotational noise from the front wheel (maybe drivers side). It is rotational as the noise speeds up the faster I go. So far I have: 1) replace both front discs 2) replaced both brake pads 3) checked that guard was not fouling 4) Changed front drivers side tyre (was warn on outside) On carrying out the above listed work I spun and tried to waggle the wheels and no noise nor movement other than the normal local scratchy sound from the disc rubbing the new pads. I have been right under the car and turned the drive shaft to see if it was hard to turn at certain points between the full 360 degrees, it was easy to turn, also no grinding sounds could be heard from the CV or drive shaft joints. I don't want to spend between £100 to £200 on replacing the bearings (would do my self but I don't have a press). As they sound ok. When the wheel is lifted off the floor the bearing is under minimal stress but when driving it has all the forces acting on it so it could still be the bearing - do you agree? Any ideas? Cheers Paul
  13. Warrenty did cover this problem, it was a fauly (worn) joint on the track rod end.
  14. Thank you all for responding to my post. I cleaned the EGR valve and the three ports in the manifold. The car now runs just fine. Once again thank you.
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