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  1. Hey guys, I might get shot for suggesting such a thing.... but at the moment it's just an idea. To start with, I just did a run of the Nurburgring last weekend in a rental track car....and since then I've had track fever. I live over in Germany at the moment , and my Compressor is sat at home all lonely in the garage being useless. My first plans were to sell her and buy something faster like an M3 / Evo or GTR, but after doing the 'Ring, i think " Hey, I have a pretty nippy motor sat there with a little potential!". So my plan as it stands right now is to possibly track the compressor , strip it down to loose weight , cage , buckets , harness , racing brakes , lightweight wheels , stiffen the suspension .....etc. But (and here's where you come in) I haven't got a clue where to source anything, or if anyone else has done this that could suggest any mods? Also....the Comp is lacking tuning mods, power wont be increased that much without spending a decent wedge. Is this a bad idea ?? regarding its a pretty limited car as is. But I'd rather see it in good hands and used to it's full potential than sold to a chav who's gonna wrap it round a tree :P I need your input guys, good or bad ?!
  2. I'd be interested in seeing that kind of gain too. What kind of other mods did you have to do? Inter cooler and pulley? Plus how much did he charge? Thanks
  3. When u say put a box in the middle...u mean a silencer right? If I can get underneath it soon I'll take a photo and show you what I have, or if you've got a photo of yours I could compare it to??
  4. Nice Comp mate! ;) Am i right in saying that the UK Compressors only came in Black, Silver & Grey (Mines grey :)) does it mean that the red is an European import ??
  5. Mine is a straight from the Cat , into a 'small' silencer , then split into two pipes, and a slim powerflow box on each side. Was thinking it could be the exhaust tips ? I've seen other comps have tips with silencer's in them, am I right ?
  6. Hey guys, just thought I'd see if you could help me out a little here. Right, so to start with the compressor needed a new exhaust :/ around £800 - £900 from Toyota! So f**k that for starters. So decided to get a S/Steel system made from Elite Bodyworx in Hull, saw a bit of their work and felt confident that they'd do a good job. £380 the guy said. Bargain! But now..... Arghhhhhh!!!! The thing is SOOO loud I can hardly hear my self think when I'm driving it :( It's a Powerflow box on both sides, and I even payed another £60 to put a silencer on....that didn't help either. I also hear a leaking noise coming from the front ( I'm guessing around the manifold area?) could this result in the whole exhaust being louder? Or is it just the tips on the backbox doing it?? Seriously it vibrates the car when ur doing about 70 mph on the motorway! :( Any help would be great guys! ;)
  7. Hahahaha laughed at Lukes comments! Lol. Yeh I agree relaible car, bullet proof! ( allthough been havin a couple of nigles with her lately...guess some are due to the cold weather thou :P)
  8. Hogie ... that's insane !! lol , i once read somewhere that some guy had an evo and an rs4 , only to sell the evo for a compressor .... turned out he was getting better mpg out of the RS4 !! haha. Gotta love em thou Bodrobot... nah 13 mpg isnt my average , i did that on a trip back to wales one weekend and figured it out. But that was with a heavy foot....b-roads and a supercharger are a great mix haha. But i recon on average i'd get about 23-25 aswell. Veracity....The compressors on board trip thing doesnt work. ( well atelast mine doesnt ) So i have figured the mpg with some old school maths lol
  9. these figures are only something we Compressor owners can dream of ! lol. :D allthough....did a big trip to swansea last weekend over the brecon beacons..... loved it! think it was about 280miles there...on average about 23 mpg. And on the way back ...M4 all the way up . got about 25mpg....not that different, was about 295 miles out of a tank then thou. Best ever! On average it's 13mpg ! hahaha
  10. That would make sense really. As I've noticed that I'm getting quite poor mpg ( even more than usual lol) . The rolled edge on the box is shocking fair play, I'm gonna have to patch it up again soon as it's blown again. Cant wait till payday to get a s/s , or maybe after crimbo... So you reckon there's nothing really wrong with it, with the soot comin out. And I shouldn't worry?? If I fix the hole/ holes it should get back to normal??
  11. Hi everyone, I trust that someone has had this, as there are a lot of people with S/S systems on the comps. I was told by Toyota a few months back now that I have a small hole in my exhaust. I noticed a crack on the back box so I tried to fill that one up. That's sorted. But the tone of the engine is different lately , bigger hole elsewhere maybe?? Also on the side that doesn't have a back box on the comp, there's a lot of black wet sut coming out, this means it's not burning all the fuel right?? ( other side is dry I should add....found that strange) I just want to make sure that I don't have any major issues before I mask the problem by just sticking a s/s system on it. Should I take it to a exhaust place or Toyota? Or am I just being paranoid.... Let me know either way, I just want my baby to purr again! :D
  12. Black comp White wheels is a deffinate winner!! Seeing this makes me wish I bought a black one....grey comp White wheels?....maybe???
  13. Have you noticed any performance gains yet? I bet the s/c would run a lot smoother ? Really can't get over how good the front end looks now with the TTE bumper and the hoses exposed slightly. Big thumbs up from me mate! Cars need more gaffa tape I recon lol, Jap drift style - hold up certain areas lol, would be concerned if you needed gaffa tape to hold the S/C in place thou....haha
  14. So jealous!! Looks awsome mate ! very mean looking , whats the deal with all the black gaffa tape on the S/C ?? Etihad....A larger S/C really ? Where from and how much ? That would be interesting to see what happens lol i know what would happen with mine....
  15. No your not being fussy , and the guys that repair your car should take as much care in it as you do! And if they're not willing to do a good job- take it elsewhere and get the insurance to pay again! Afterall that's why u have insurance, they should return it to the way it was! Gets me angry when bodyshops f**k up!!
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