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  1. If you want to use the OE screen then, yes you will have to get a Toyota navi unit. If you buy a different unit then you will have to buy a new screen and mount it on your dash somwhere.
  2. Yes it's possible to get the air-con installed in the car - don't know how much it is but your local Toyota dealer should be able to give you a price.
  3. Michael Which hands-free kit are you looking at? The reason I ask is becuase Toyota offer 3 versions that they call the THF15, the THF25 and the THF35. All of these use the same mounting kit that julncamp described (colour coded console on LHS of centre console). If I were you I wouldn't bother with the THF15 kit as this is a basic system that has a separate speaker and doesn't use the vehicles audio syste (but it is a lot cheaper). The THF25 and 35 are very similar except for the fact that the THF35 has a voicedial facility. This allows you to dial a name or a number using you voice (quite cool system when you see it work as it is voice independant so anyone can get in the car and use it) and is activated by a remote control. Both of these systems use the vehicle audio (mute radio and come out os speakers) but obviously the THF35 is more expensive....both work well as well and of course you get the bonus of a three year warranty from Toyota
  4. Simon If you have the full screen sat nav on your vehicle then it doesn't have a model number like TNS300/TNS500. These models are the accessory units that Toyota offer that you can add to your vehicle after you've bought it (although TNS500 has been discontinued now). Everything else evyone says about getting the trip informaiton up etc is correct but thought I'd help stop any confusion on the whole TNS issue John If you have the factory fitte dfull screen navi then I'm afraid you don't have the ETA. This is only available for the TNS300 accessory unit that Toyota sell. Jim
  5. If you have the standard Toyota head unit then there is a radio mute as standard If you look at the back of the head unit you should see a 12-pin connector. The radio mute is the second pin from the left on the top row of the connector if you are looking at it from the wire side. Only problem is that there will be no vehicle wire running into this pin which means you need a specific terminal on the end of your mute wire to connect it - unless you bodge it together somehow. :ffs:
  6. SuperRetard If you are going to add the turbo then I would seriously suggest upgrading your brakes and suspension system - they do this as part of the package on the turbo so there should be some part numbers out there somewhere in the Toyota database!
  7. Guys As far as the CD / DVD techcnology is concerned then this can be worked out by knowing which navi system you have fitted. If you've got a TNS200 system then it is CD based which means that you have to change the CD for each country you are in. The TNS300 system is DVD based which means that you only need one DVD for the whole of western Europe. As for updates, Toyota release these every August although they also issued a special update at the beginning of this year to include Norway and Ireland. Hope this helps Jim
  8. The button with the man speaking on it is fitted as standard but can only be used if you have the top spec model with the voice-activated mavigation unit. This button is then used for activating the voice-control system.
  9. You should be able to get it as a spare part from any Toyota dealer - part number is 08663-00120. You will also need the antenna earthing plate - 08674-00810 - this should also be available from any Toyota dealer.
  10. The system is actually quite good but it only works with the TBT navi - if you've got the full map navi kit then the function isn't available.
  11. Redordead is right. The ETA is only available on models fitted with the turn by turn system (TNS200 or TNS300). It is not an option for the full colour sat nav.
  12. If you want the Yaris Turbo then write to Toyota Great Britain - they are the ones who decided it wouldn't sell in the UK so decided not to take it!
  13. The conversion harness is not required on the 03 Corolla as they have not changed the connector on this head unit yet. It has changed on other models like the Avensis, Previa, Avensis Verso etc but definatley not Corolla.
  14. The ETA is definately a separate bit of kit consisting of ECU, wiring harnesses and separate antenna. Toyota call it 'DRG' (Dynamic Route Guidance) so if your dealer is having trouble finding information on 'ETA' tell him to ask about DRG.
  15. Can confirm that the navi ECU should defo be under one of the passenger seat if it is a post 2000 model. Have even seen the official Toyota installaiton manual showing this. I would go back to the dealer and ask him ot show you the installation manual and see if he still insists in putting it in the boot then!
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