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  1. Yeh thats the problem a good half way house is the lowering springs and will make a huge difference to what you have at the moment. here is mine with lowering springs and with coilovers
  2. Have a look at corolla club uk dot com, there are a few techs over there who I am sure can help
  3. Yes mate you can bend out of the way gently ensuring you don't crease it
  4. Sent some info via PM that may help you
  5. i noticed in a couple of threads you seem like there marketing guy i dont think its much better over there or am i missing something Anyways to the OP ,youl need a fascia adapter of ebay and stalk adapter for whatever headunit you choose (pioneer or sony) Yes you must be missing something its a lot more lively over there, there is also a real community going on there too, also the website is far more user friendly too...........but we are all welcome to make our own choices from what we prefer
  6. I have bought a spoiler from the first seller for our MR2 and was very happy with it, they painted it for us too so just had to fit it
  7. There is a recent conversation about this over on corolla club uk dot com ;)
  8. Have a look at triple w dot corolla club uk dot com there might be one for sale there or at least some advice to lead you the right way
  9. follow Lukes advice, better advice and better website, this one has been proper balls'd up
  10. I have just realised who it is Stew, haha he could always join again lol
  11. You might get more replies at a certain corolla club based in the uk.com?
  12. Its a common inexpensivemod that CTS owners carry out to improve air coming in, wether it really has any benefits or not I don't know but that is why its been done
  13. Yes they are, just done my E12 and the difference is amazing
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