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  1. Yeh thats the problem a good half way house is the lowering springs and will make a huge difference to what you have at the moment. here is mine with lowering springs and with coilovers
  2. Have a look at corolla club uk dot com, there are a few techs over there who I am sure can help
  3. Yes mate you can bend out of the way gently ensuring you don't crease it
  4. Sent some info via PM that may help you
  5. i noticed in a couple of threads you seem like there marketing guy i dont think its much better over there or am i missing something Anyways to the OP ,youl need a fascia adapter of ebay and stalk adapter for whatever headunit you choose (pioneer or sony) Yes you must be missing something its a lot more lively over there, there is also a real community going on there too, also the website is far more user friendly too...........but we are all welcome to make our own choices from what we prefer
  6. I have bought a spoiler from the first seller for our MR2 and was very happy with it, they painted it for us too so just had to fit it
  7. There is a recent conversation about this over on corolla club uk dot com ;)
  8. Have a look at triple w dot corolla club uk dot com there might be one for sale there or at least some advice to lead you the right way
  9. follow Lukes advice, better advice and better website, this one has been proper balls'd up
  10. I have just realised who it is Stew, haha he could always join again lol
  11. You might get more replies at a certain corolla club based in the uk.com?
  12. Its a common inexpensivemod that CTS owners carry out to improve air coming in, wether it really has any benefits or not I don't know but that is why its been done
  13. Yes they are, just done my E12 and the difference is amazing
  14. Might be best heading over to MR2ROC dot com its a lot more active than here mate and has loads of info regarding your question
  15. check ebay my friend http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Toyota-Corolla-T-sport-thunder-grey-drivers-door-1-8-2zz-ge-breaking-3-door-/290676045155?pt=UK_CarsParts_Vehicles_CarParts_SM&fits=Model%3ACorolla&hash=item43ada47563 Has loads of stuff available
  16. I would reckon that a diesel is easier to tune than the petrols, getting bigger power increases for less money....eg tuning box
  17. Just to let you know the other channel is corolla club uk dot com loads of help and advice there mate
  18. Thats fair enough, I must admit I didn't realise that the original post was so old, so I apologise to Les for part of what I have said. I do think though that TOC has pretty much destroyed itself from within and will be lucky to become anything more than web based. I am prepared to organise a JAE event again and I have discussed this on another forum but as yet I can't say for sure that I will be organising anything or indeed actually attending yet.
  19. I would get rid of the wife and buy a better car
  20. Les, while I understand you point on events organised in the name of TOC, I do find that your first comment to be complete dross, TOC haven't encouraged any events for the members and if anything when I organised a stand at JAE the response from representatives of TOC was that I wouldn't be capable of doing such a thing and if TOC wasn't going to organise it then I couldn't even discuss it on the forum despite us choosing a different name to ensure TOC had no connection. You even contacted me last year to ask if I would be interested in becoming an organiser for meets etc, I responded to you positively but said that I would need someone to help me due to work commitments.....I never heard anything from you after my reply. I personaly think that TOC needs a shake up so that it can become the club that it should be and instead of trying to put down members who are keen to represent TOC maybe they should be encouraged to move the club forward. Looking at recent posts from phoenix ref JAE 2012 this just shows how little interest there is from the management........thats a real shtame guys and I feel sorry for people like phoenix who have so much passion and commitment towards TOC but get very little in return.
  21. I doubt even if there is an interest in JAE that TOC will do anything, you just have to look at what happened last year, TOC wouldn't support our efforts and we ended up with 2 plots jam packed.........................how much interest beyond that do people need to show before TOC can be interested?
  22. Steve, 9 days in and no confirmation either way, I am afraid you have the answer to your question. Its a real shame really as its so easy to organise a good event I can't understand why TOC seem so reluctant to organise anything. It will be interesting to see if TOC decide to do something
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