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  1. I use Blu Response tyres on my Gen2, but there are few tyres around now with 67dba which seems to be the lowest noise rating. I know that's external noise, but it must have internal benefit, and anyway, there is no measurement for internal noise rating. I used the self-adhesive foil-backed insulation material around wheel arches, wing panels and suspension turrets (all internal), and lined the boot with a foam-back insulation material. Definitely made an improvement. I thought about doing the doors and roof, but didn't want to disturb door cards etc and roof lining. It's still noisy on the tar/gravel chip road surfaces however.
  2. I'm a Blu Response user - good all round tyres
  3. I used to take my 07 Prius to a local main dealer for all servicing and repairs on the basis that despite the expense they had the expertise. However, at recent visits it became clear they weren't interested any more, and kept taking me to the showroom! On my last service visit they went one step further and told me it was "likely" that my car's head gasket had gone but that I could trade it in for a new car and I would get a good price for it. I then underwent a sales chat for around 10 minutes on the benefits of the new car. The hybrid check sheet was clearly nonsense and I smelt a rat. That was at 200,000 miles. It now has 270,000 miles on the clock and needles to say no problems at all with the head gasket or loss of coolant. I now take it to an independent in Huddersfield as I can't find any hybrid capable independents in Leeds where I live. My own experience of the motor trade across the board is that they are very untrustworthy to put it mildly, and take full advantage where they can of their technical knowledge and the supposed lack of the same of their customers. Strangely the independent garage prices aren't all that much different to the dealer's, and in a lot of cases they are more expensive.
  4. Many thanks to you both - I've had a look and there is a rubber pipe section to the breather pipe, and a chunk of it is missing! It looks like something's taken a bite out of it. It's secured at either end by hose clips, so will be a cinch to fix, but I will have to find a replacement hose from somewhere. My local garage won't do petrol tank repairs and no way am I using the main dealer again. So thanks again - I was able to go straight to the pipe thanks to Devon Aygo's exploded diagram, and Kithmo's response pointed to the likely problem area. Glad I posted!
  5. Just filled up my 2007 Prius - the petrol pump stopped automatically when nearly full as usual, then I waited for the level to subside a bit and continued filling at a slower rate. Then I noticed petrol flowing on the forecourt floor from underneath my car! Had a look and definitely pouring from under my car around the tank. Drove it home and now no more leaking. Where did it come from? Nothing on Google. I believe the fuel tank and the filler tube are one sealed unit, with the filling hole being the only opening.
  6. Just had the front end of my 2007 Prius re-sprayed (again). It spends a lot of time on the motorways but the damage from grit and debris to the front bumper and bonnet is horrendous. After the re-spray I did one return journey to Birmingham from Leeds in wet stormy weather last week and those 2 journeys have left the new paintwork badly pitted yet again. Any suggestions?
  7. Hi John My 2007 G2 is just a few miles short of 260,000 and like you, it is by far the best car I've ever had. They are used as taxis in a lot of cities so I imagine many do 300,000+ given the chance. Mine's had very little work done on it - a seized caliper, 2 broken coil springs the only necessary ones, and I had the radiator replaced when it became 25% clogged up with debris. The only time it let me down was when the 12v battery failed (after 11 years' use) which I was a bit cross about because I would have thought it was get checked as part of routine main dealer servicing, but they don't.
  8. My 12v battery died earlier this week, just like that! No warning, no tell-tale signs, I pushed the button on the key fob and nothing happened. Ok so it's 11 years and 227,000 miles old but I'm a teensy bit gutted old faithful let me down for the 1st time. Why aren't 12v battery checks part of the service schedules? The hybrid battery gets checked, and the key fob battery is routinely replaced, but nothing at all on the 12v battery! Anyway I got a like-for-like replacement from GSF, quite easy to remove and replace the dud one. In fact there might have been a clue, because for a few months now I've noticed that the red triangle warning light and buzzer briefly come on on starting up on occasions. I put it down to the car getting cranky in its old age. Anyway it hasn't done it since I replaced the battery. I understand there are checks that can be done on the 12v batteries, but these aren't routinely done. So mind how you go, if your 12v battery is a few years old, have it regularly tested! I think! By the way, I tried to see if this issue had come up before on the Prius forum, but apart from "manually" searching through 150 pages it doesn't seem there is a search facility in a particular forum.
  9. Just passed the 200,000 mile mark! The car is a 2007 one which I've had since 2010 when it had 18000 miles on the clock. Apart from routine maintenance in that time, the only things I've had replaced are the radiator (although they call this a condensor) which I asked the dealer to do as it was 25% clogged up with debris, and a foglight as the reflector deteriorated. In terms of bulbs I've replaced one headlight bulb (awful job!), a licence plate bulb and 2 sidelight bulbs. I'm on the 2nd set of brake discs and all 4 brake pads have 110,000 miles on them and lots of wear left in them. Dealer serviced, not cheap but they are very very good (Vantage Wakefield). Average MPG the last year 62.3, up to 68mpg summer, 58-60 winter. A lot of motorway miles in that. In the last 50,000 miles or so I now put in about a litre of oil between services. I generally get between 30,000 and 40,000 miles on the front tyres, and between 60 and 70,000 on the back ones. Gripes? Hardly any - the plasticky dashboard can be noisy sometimes, I have to apply copper grease to the front brake pad holders occasionally to get rid of disc squeal, and once I sprayed silicone lubricant on to the tie bar rubbers which were creaking a bit on uneven surfaces. Hopefully it will be good for many thousands of miles yet! However, there must be loads of Prius's out there with mega-mileages on them. In Leeds they are very popular as private hire cars, several of them have 57 and 58 reg plates.
  10. The lower section of my radiator is totally blocked with debris - where the airflow comes in through the low bumper grille. I tried cleaning it but it's a solid mass of flies etc, and all I succeeded in doing was breaking off loads of those fragile aluminium fins. Anyone else had this issue? I'll mention to Toyota on its next service but I'm anticipating total apathy!
  11. Awesome! That's a lot of miles on a 11 year old car - I wonder what does Bob does to rack up that figure!
  12. I get the same problem on my G2 every so often, it might last a few days or 2/3 weeks and nothing will fix it, then it seems to cure itself. It will be fine for a few weeks or months then do the same thing again. Seems to be no pattern to it, totally random.I would mention to my toyota dealer but I know from experience they are totally disinterested in minor issues like that, shame because they are excellent otherwise.
  13. I'm hoping mine keeps going - when I bought it 5 years ago it cost me a shade over £10,000 and it was less than 3 years old with 18000 miles on the clock. I've just had a look on Autotrader and to buy one now around 3 years old with low mileage would be nearer £18,000. That's a big hike in 5 years!
  14. I normally sit in the inside lane with the speedo indicating 65mph, but I know from having a separate satnav that the actual speed is around 60mph. I believe the slower you go on the motorways the better the mpg, this can be clearly seen when you're stuck in one of those interminable 50mph roadwork zones. You also do better sat behind something big to benefit from the drag, but obviously not too close! I use cruise control when the mway is quiet (rare these days) but I think I get more mpg than the cruise control does. I tend to speed up on the downhill gradients and slow down on the uphill. Prevailing wind seems to make a big difference, but there's not a lot you can do about that! Oh, and about every 4th tank I fill up with super-unleaded, and usually but not always the mpg is better, but not enough to justify the cost, i do it cos someone somewhere said it was a good idea!
  15. In a word, brilliant! But that doesn't mean perfect! I bought my 2007 Prius when it was 2 yrs and 9 mths old, it now has 138,000 miles on the clock. In that time it has had 2 repairs, a broken suspension spring and a replacement tail light bulb. The average mpg over that 5 years is 58.3, and that is 100% accurate, I always fill up and note the miles. The on-board mpg indicator can be very inaccurate, but overall on average is about 2 mpg optimistic. The mpg figure has improved each year, the last year being average 62.8. Whether that’s because the engine gets looser with mileage or because my driving technique is improving I don’t know. A significant chunk of my driving is on motorways as I use the car for work. I knew very little about Priuses when I bought it, I just wanted an automatic that gave a good mpg. I just don’t understand why everyone doesn’t have one! I note that in most cities, including my city (Leeds), Pruis taxis are very commonplace. Here’s to the next 5 years!
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