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  1. Does the dip relay click? If not you have probably had the 50 Amp fuse fail. If you have 12 volts on both sided of the bulbs then you may have an earthing problem in the main/dip switch assembly. I'v included a wiring diagram to help. Have you checked the bulbs? There will be an increase in brightness when the engine revs as the charging voltage rises to about 14 volts.
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    Try BBC Spares. http://www.bbcspares.com/products.asp?pid=1&cid=5
  3. if you intend to do repairs yourself I would recomend getting Estima Tutorials by Ian Morris. ianmorris99@tiscali.co.uk
  4. The circuit in the attachment should do the job. The power pick up is on the Engine Bay Fuse Box
  5. I'v just joined this website so the info may be too late. I used to live in Newlyn untill I moved out to Spain. When filling with coolant make sure the heater is set to hot. Remove the top heater matrix pipe and put a funnel in pipe and fill untill water comes out of the heater. Refit pipe and check water level in resevoir draining if needed
  6. When I start the car water is thrown out of the clutch bell. I cannot find any water running down the outside of the engine. I have replaced engine cores by the oil pan. Are there any more. Any ideas?
  7. I'v had the same problem. Make sure the heater is on. Lift the overflow pipe so its higher than the heater. Disconnect the top heater matrix pipe and put funnel in hose and fill untill water runs out of the heater. Reconnect hose. You will need to check the level in the main resevoir and drain to correct level. Take for a short drive. allow to cool before rechecking water level. I have fitted a bleed valve on my top hose.