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  1. Thanks to everyone at BSpec Magazine for the nice write up on Haolebuilt 2. You can check it out here: BSpec Magazine
  2. Aloha Bob. The new wheels go more with the Micro VIP theme that I'm running on the iQ right now. The chrome wheels blend more with the chrome accents on the door handles, front grills and rear hatch. I have to say that I'm not as enthused with them as I was with the FIVE:aD wheels. I still have them in the garage and may go back to them at some point.
  3. Not sure why it looks smaller. The purple is Plasti-Dip. Spray on and peel off.
  4. Here are photos of the Scion iQ Owners Cruise 2014 Canyon to the Coast event held on Saturday August 2, 2014. The starting point was Chino Hills CA and the final destination was Huntington Beach CA. We cruised through the Carbon Canyon and on the Pacific Coast Highway. We stopped for a photo shoot in Newport Beach and had lunch at La Choza Mexican Restaurant in Huntington Beach. Thanks to the companies who donated prizes for the charity raffle to benefit CHOC, the Children's Hospital of Orange County, FIVE:aD, Beat-Sonic USA, Wak Shop, Primo Powder Coating, O-NEX and Jeff Lushe. Enjoy the photos...
  5. surfcitylocal

    Angel Eyes

    Those turned out very nice. I have a set from LightWerkz that I'm attempting to install on my iQ. I believe they are just a bit too large in diameter. I'm hoping to have the time to work on them again soon. Very nice job on yours, they look amazing.
  6. Mark, I had suggested the same thing. Great minds think alike. =)
  7. Sorry, late to reply on this thread, hope this will help...
  8. The chrome handles for the iQ are no longer sold in the US but the Scion xB second generation uses the same handle so I purchased a set of four and split them with another iQ owner. Really adds a nice touch to the interior...
  9. I had to post these photos of my buddies iQ. He did a full body wrap to advertise his company Armored Ink Tattoo. Just looks amazing. I'll have more information coming soon.
  10. These are covers Craig. They are actually intended for the Toyota Venza. The set comes with four covers, the front two have the slots for the touch pads. The seller asks whether there are two or three slots when the order is placed. I used the two rear handle covers which don't have the slots for my iQ. My friend is using the other two with the slots on his iQ even though we don't have the touch pads.
  11. There will be some changes coming before the iQ is displayed again at the SEMA show in Las Vegas later this year.... That's a real biggie isn't it? SEMA has all the big stars and so on. What's that saying? You-go-boy! On another note, I have a friend down in Kent who has named a place -I typically cannot recall- Bas-Vegas, or to you Taz, Baz-Vegas. Just saying. SEMA is the show to be seen at in the car modding industry. My iQ was there in 2012...
  12. LOL No pics of that to be sure. =)
  13. There will be some changes coming before the iQ is displayed again at the SEMA show in Las Vegas later this year....
  14. These are new ones David. I replaced the red factory with the lighted red and then replaced those with the clear. Here is a link to the eBay page where I bought them...
  15. They have been on quite a few cars over the years, I bought them from a guy who was using them on a Scion xD. They have three bolt patterns, 4X100, 5X100 and 5X112. Production stopped on these wheels back in 2006.
  16. Update to the HAOLEBUILT II build. Here are some pictures of the new style for HAOLEBUILT II, it's "Micro VIP" style. 88 Addition of SSR Vienna Dish 2 wheels... D.A.D. VIP curtains... Chrome front grill accents... Chrome rear hatch accent... Orataro VIP custom table for audio system... 300mm VIP rear view mirror... Chrome inside door handles... Chrome outer door handles... Chrome Scion door sills... Orange side reflectors removed from headlights... Red rear reflectors replaced with clear. LED's for brake lights (red) and reverse (white)... Chrome AC vent accents and Micro VIP tables...
  17. They say imitation is the most sincere form of flattery so I guess I should be extremely flattered. Jonathan bought his iQ in early 2012. He was so impressed with watching my build on the internet that he decided to imitate my car. As it turns out he lives about thirty miles from me. I have met Jonathan in person at car shows but have never seen his iQ in person until yesterday. He came over to let me install the sequential LED turn signal side mirror lights for him and photograph the job for a DIY. This is the first time our iQ's have been photographed together...
  18. Some people really need these...
  19. No David. With the keyless entry it also includes a push button start. Another option not offered on the Scion.
  20. I have that function on mine due to the installation of the Advanced Keys keyless entry system. With the fob in my pocket the iQ will unlock when I'm withing three feet and lock as I walk away. We don't have the OEM smart entry as an option with Scion. I'm sure there would have been quite a few Scion owners who would have gladly paid extra for that feature.
  21. Very nicely done David. How are you unlocking the door by simply touching the door handle? This is not something we have on the Scion version.