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  1. Thank you very much. Of course I'm not looking for a high spec, high performance car so I more than understand the handling etc may be slightly poorer than what I used too. However, I live in a town, 0.2 miles from my boyfriends and 5 miles from work and 1 mile from college - So the handling is not really my main concern! Kevin, you've outlined some very useful points. Thank you. All I wanted to check was that their were no known faults with this car, that may cause me any issues in the near future. In the last year I've had to replace the exhaust, psp and the radiator of my car which you can imagine has been costly! And I'm keen to not have any repeats! That's everything covered for me I think! Thank you for all your help! Will, of course keep you updated on any possible Aygo purchases I may make! Thanks again! :)
  2. Hi everyone, I've just joined the site, hoping to find some honest opinions and answers concerning the Toyota Aygo! I currently own a Mini One, which I've found to be awful. Costly, unreliable, the cars cost me nearly £2000 in the last year alone! Anyway, I'm looking to change my car right about now, and I want something that is cheap to tax, cheap to run, small engine, reliable, and good looking. For me, the Aygo ticks all the boxes. (Im viewing one tomorrow.) However, I received a message yesterday from a relative warning me not to get one. Reasons being, that its 'lethal on corners', and 'the slightest breeze feels like you'll be blown away'. So this prompted me to read a few online reviews. The main car sites ie. Top Gear, What Car, Parkers, all rate it very high. Though on smaller review websites that are written by genuine owners rather than professionals, are very mixed. Some say the Aygo is fantastic (apart from a small boot - which doesn't bother me) and others not so good. The main points being: *its been costly, brakes need replacing after very few miles. * clutch is likely to go *accelerator occasionally gets stuck *engine very noisy Have any of you experienced any of this? Or are these people driving their cars badly? With the trouble I've had with my Mini, I really really cannot handle big things going wrong again!! Also what are the service costs like? Are parts relatively cheap to replace? Would appreciate any answers, opinions and experiences that you can offer me! Many thanks, Victoria :)
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