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  1. Thanks all very much, it has been a great help. I do drive the Civic too fast...but I suppose, if I drive both around 60mph then the Aygo is still going to save me money. To tell you the truth, I have an Aygo Blue 2009, which has done 11,000 miles set to test drive tomorrow, but once I mentioned it to a friend, they said it might not be a great idea. But it sounds like it is going to save me a few pounds. Cheers
  2. I'm really crap at this...sorry.. I get just under 300 miles to every tank. Honda Civic Sport 1.6. Not sure how to work out the gallons..
  3. Hi all, I'm looking for some advice... I drive a Honda Civic Sport 54-plate. Love the car, but I'm having to travel around 80 miles five days per week, mostly on dual-carriageway, for work. It is costing me a lot of cash - as I'm sure everyone understands - on fuel, so I've considered downsizing big time. Looked at a Toyota Aygo, as they are mean to be one of this most economical...it isn't a great looking car, but due to finances I couldn't care less... However, I have since been told dropping to a one-litre but travelling on the motorway each day will not necessarily save me money in fuel. My question is, for the car-experts, would my civic be doing better MPG in these circumstances, or would I get more out of the one litre Aygo? I've also heard there are a lot of teething problems, water leakages and stuff with the Aygo - what is everyone's opinion? I'm looking at Aygo Blue 2009 1 litre, 3dr Clueless, cheers.
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