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  1. Hi everybody I gave my dad my 03 plate Avensis 1,8VVTI (he is retired). The car has always drank a lot of oil, but then it started to lose power. My dad has a diagnostic tool and it stated that pot 3 was the problem, error code P030. Taking the plugs out the cylinder was coated in black oil. He changed the Ignition coils over but the problem still states that Pot 3 is the issue. Another thing he did, was to use some much thicker oil than recommended by toyota as he is going through 2l per 1000miles. Yet the car still passed its MOT recently!!!!! Is the engine knackered, or is there a possible (reasonably priced) fix? Thanks to one and all if you can help him. He lives in the sticks and is now housebound. Cheers p.s. the car still runs smoothly with no knocks or bangs and it has done 80,000 miles
  2. That is a very distinct possibility. She goes through a litre every 1000miles easy. Is there anyway to check? The diagnostics (not Toyota) only show the left bank of the cat out of threshold. ????? I use 5w30, but am thinking of going to 10 w 40 oil to stop the burn so much. What do you think?
  3. Good morrow fellow Toyota Fans. I have recently come across an issue with my 123k mile Avensis. It is a 2000 model 1.8vvti manual (That drinks oil). It recently failed its MOT on emissions......CAT was blowing. I replaced it and the clutch and it flew through the MOT......then the engine warning light came on. The garage said that the left bank of the CAT was out. I took it back to the Garage as the CAT has a 2 year warranty, and they fiddled with it....reset the ECU......and the Light came on again. Another thing has happened since I changed the CAT. I used to get 42mpg on AVG all the I am down to 36.9mpg. That is a significant drop. It has had the prerequisite oil/plugs/filters.....but it all changed when the CAT was replaced. Now as I am a tight @rse, I just got this all done at my local garage (whom I trust). Can any of you guys help????? Cheers