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  1. In my car there was this filter 23390-YZZHA I ordered the same one online. I later realised what was supplied was actually 23390-YZZAA They look the same and the new one works however I queried this with the supplier and they have said that 23390-YZZAA is the latest revision and is therefore the correct part however I would have thought this was the other way around like "HA" would come after "AA" ? How can I check?
  2. Yeah. I'm ready to go, have the plate a d mapper lined up. Just checking if anyone has done on this 1adftv engine as I know it has potential to cause other upset
  3. Anyone got any experience of this. I know a someone who can do the remap after the blanking plate is fitted. Just wondering if anyone has any feedback. It's a 2011 verso
  4. Job done, came to under £100 delivered - Those towbars come primed but not painted in any way so I coated it with some underseal. The wiring is also a gift, if you can understand numbers and colours and own a pair of pliers it's no problem...
  5. New adapter fitted and surprise surprise it does the same thing - I am going to ask for a refund. I was thinking of getting this one: I am really attracted by the USB connection. Any comments on this?
  6. Hey there - that's interesting that you had the same problem. I have returned my adapter and got a new one. If this one doesn't work out I'll ask for a refund and look for another type of adapter. I want to retain the outside temp and fuel computer otherwise I would have got a new head unit.
  7. Hi Sorry for the lack of response on this - I don't seem to get email alerts when someone replies to my thread. Anyway, continued to test this over the last few days and it has in fact got worse, the problem now occurs when using the radio (not just the mp3) and it also occurs quicker (sometimes within a couple of minutes) - Last night I removed the adpater completely and returned everything to standard. My wife reported that the radio behaved normally on the way to work this morning - I think I'll try and get a replacement adapter.
  8. I have sustained an unrepairable stone chip and requested repair through Admiral Insurance. National windscreens took on the job and can only source a green tint one from Toyota. I have rang specialist wind screen tinters, Toyota, Autoglass and noone can get this original part. Can anyone help - there must be one of these hanging around somewhere!
  9. agree with Jeff Get yourself over to if you want more info.....
  10. Yes sorry I didn't describe fully. So far the sound disappearing has only occured while in disk mode. Then there continues to be no sound no matter what I do i.e. switch to radio, press the volume buttons/turn knob, switch radio off and on, switch car off and on. The sound only returns when I switch everything off and walk away for a while and come back. Could heat be an issue? I contacted the supplier this morning they say they have never heard of this problem and suggest I unplug it all and plug it in again (worth a try I suppose). If I don't get anywhere with it I will request another adapter.
  11. cheers for that - I could try disconnecting at the box end - the only thing is, so far the problem has only occured while the head unit is on "disc" mode and connected to the mp3 player - well some more testing required anyway....
  12. Hi, I have a RAV4 fitted with a 58812 head unit. After realising that fitting a new head unit would cause me to lose the outside temperature and mpg info I decided to buy an adapter that would allow me to plug in an mp3 player so I bought this connect2 All was well initially but after being on the road for about 20 minutes (with a phone plugged into the audio jack) the volume faded away to nothing at which point I couldn't hear anything including the radio. However after the car was switched off for a while when I switched the radio on again it was fine - but then on the next journey the same happened. Does anyone know what might cause this? Also have any head units/solutions come on the market that would allow me to retain the computer and temp features with a new head unit? Thanks
  13. Cheers - I think the offering these guys have will suffice I'll have a go at the wiring myself and if it gets scarey i'll take it to an autospark
  14. Is a bypass relay required for these?