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  1. Thanks Matthew, No problem getting it on stands etc. I actually just dug out my old haynes manual and it looks (in theory) like i should be able to do this with mostly home made tools myself. (knocking up a draw bolt tool from some threaded rod. bolts and washers which ive got loads of) Only thing ill have to buy is a ball joint separator. Like i said this all sounds great on paper but like you say, it could be best left to a shop with a hydraulic press if i get into the territory of corroded in snap rings and bearings etc. Will see how things go Cheers
  2. The OS front wheel bearing on my 2002 yaris is on the way out so im contemplating replacing it myself. Id say im a fairly competent diy home mechanic. The question is, is it a doable job without specialist tools? ( ive changed plenty of motorcycle bearings with just a drift and a hammer) Also does anyone know if the bearing is part of a sealed assembly on the older mk1 models or is it just the bearing itself that needs removing and replacing. Would be interested to hear from anyone whos successfully done this with out a puller and/or press
  3. i need to replace the fuel vapour feed hose shown here on my yaris as the existing one has split and is causing some sort of vacuum leak https://www.megazip.net/zapchasti-dlya-avtomobilej/toyota/yaris-echo-vios-limo-42478/scp10-57196/scp10r-chmrkw-927624/vacuum-piping-17944048#/il-415312754-3866737-3866737 is it okay to just replace with the appropriately sized regular fuel hose correctly routed? or is it important to use the correctly pre-formed section of tubing? since im sruggling to find the actual part available online in the uk I guess this question applies for all hoses that are pre-formed. Im guessing that if it doesn't need to go round sharp corners the a regular section of hose could be used right?? in my case i could just bend a bit of regular pipe to fit without there being any sharp bends or kinks
  4. thanks Bob, Yes im aware of the jap and french built variants. Not sure why i still use the term 'parts fiche.....thats about 20 years out of date :) Cheers
  5. does anyone know of a decent parts fiche online where i can search by vehicle then display exploded parts diagrams with reference to the Toyota part numbers? Plenty of these exist online for motorcycles etc but cant seem to find anything decent for the yaris or toyota in general
  6. Hey steve many thanks for the reply. The main thing i wasnt sure about was making sure i got the correct centre section to fit my model. Having the part numbers is a great help. One more question... When you cut the old pipe, after the cat, did you cut it in situ or did you drop the whole system, cut then refit? Just considering how best to make sure i dont make.the cut too short! Cheers Rob
  7. This could have been a decent option but this repalcment one doesn't fit french built models unfortunately
  8. think its going to be something like this https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Any-Size-38mm-70mm-Exhaust-Adapter-Connector-Joiner-Stainless-Reducer-Sleeve-/222608541651?vti=
  9. Thanks. Id need to cut the pipe coming off the cat and join it to the new center section since the original Toyota center section is one complete part. To anyone who has done something like this themselfs....what would be the best type of coupler/joining parts and clamps would i need to get to join the cut sections?
  10. hey mate did you ever get anywhere with this? im having a similar dilemma trying to repair or replace the exhaust on my mk1
  11. Ive got a 1.0 ltr mk1 yaris which has suffered a breakage in the exhaust. The break has occured at the flange, located on the main section of the exhaust which joins to the back box flange.. see image. I took the vehicle to a local exhaust centre who said all they can do is clean up the broken section, cut the flange off the otherwise good back box and weld the two together using a joining piece.... for 100 quid. I said id think about it since this means they'd be making the whole exhaust into a single piece.... If something else goes wrong in future id pretty much have to replace the entire system except the manifold. I suggested an aftermarket centre section which they could cut and join in somewhere after the existing cat but they said they cant/wouldn't do that just looking at other options that i could do myself and came across this which has a clamp on version available. Does anyone else have any advice on how i can come up with some sort of cost effective repair or replacement options that might get me out of this one without many thanks Rob
  12. The back box on my mk1 yaris needs replacing and i wanted to double check what parts ill need to complete the join between the back box and middle section. I think this is all ill need https://rover.ebay.com/rover/0/0/0?mpre=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.ebay.co.uk%2Fulk%2Fitm%2F271918107996 Can anyone confirm if there's anything else i need? (other than the actual back box) Are the exhaust bolts and gasket fairly generic parts that i can pick up at most motor spares shops or is there some Toyota specific stuff that i might need to get? Thanks Rob
  13. Apologies for wording that badly what i meant to say was do the individual parts supplied by toyota only make up that assembly shown in my pic or am i missing something? When i asked the guy in the parts department for the items required to replace the drop links i was just a bit surprised at the cost i was given for what is essentially a collection of nuts bolts and various washers
  14. Thanks parts king. Just want to check a couple more things so im clear. 1. Are the nuts bolts and washers in the pic below all i would require to replace the drop links? 2. Would these parts be the same collection of components that Toyota would be supplying if i bought the kit from them ( albeit sold as genuine parts)? Or does the Toyota kit include some additional items that i might have overlooked? Thanks again Rob
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