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  1. hI, It's a 2007. Electric winch. Intended for when occasional Greenlaning and to relieve unintended bogging down, hence no requirement for a permanent fitting. The Rav is my Son's car.
  2. Anyone use a towbar mounted winch for occasional off-road use? If so, what size / capacity of winch?
  3. Hello all, Since I have recently disposed of my Prius v3+, I have a set of winter wheel and tyres which require a new home. I've advertised them on the auction site - the item number is 262787332469 Here is the link, though I have a feeling it may be deleted as being contrary to forum rules maybe? http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/262787332469?ssPageName=STRK:MESELX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1555.l2649 They are nice looking wheel and really suit the Prius.
  4. AEB-UK


    Hi Sagitar, My dealer (Bristol Street Motors, Nottingham) had a demonstrator in white which we tested prior to ordering our car. When we placed the order he showed us the UK shipping list, and I think it had a total of about 5 for the whole of the UK, and only one was in the yellow unique to the Ionic Electric, which is the one I chose. I may have been the first UK private purchaser. It looks really nice (in my opinion) and it's a very nice drive. Regards.
  5. AEB-UK


    Well I've had my Ioniq for just over a week now, and I can honestly say I love it. It's slightly wider than my Gen3+ Prius. It has I think more space in the cabin, but less boot space because of the batteries. It drives very easily, much like the Prius. The electronic handbrake takes some getting used to though, and I find myself trying to use my left foot rather than my left hand on the button next to my seat . It has several driving modes (such as Eco) but in Sport mode it really shifts off the line - nice! Although it doesn't have a HUD, the digital display in front of the steering wheel provides both an analogue image and a digital read-out of the speed, so it's very clear to read. It also has quite a lot of bells and whistles, such as Adaptive Cruise control, front and rear parking sensors, rear camera, proximity sensor for detecting overtaking vehicles, and quite a few which I haven't played with yet I think. I'm slowly getting used to driving past petrol stations without having to look at the price of fuel . Installation of a charging point at home is part of the new car deal, and I'm waiting for Podpoint to provide on for me. I charged the car using the normal 3 pin socket - it works but very slowly. At the moment the range indication is only 122 miles, but I was told that it takes several hundred miles of use for the system to properly calibrate itself, and I should be able to have up to 150 miles from a full charge. I have loved my Toyotas for the past 19 years, and the Toyota dealership looks after their customers better than any of the others that I and my other half have experienced. I hope Hyundai can measure up to them - first impressions are that they can't as yet, though we found their hot chocolate exceptionally nice . I'm not suggesting that anyone should immediately swap their Prius for an Ioniq, but if someone was looking for an alternative of a similar size I think they could give it a try.
  6. AEB-UK


    Went to have a look at my new car (Hyundai Ioniq Electric) at the dealers today. Still has on the white transport paper and foam protectors, but looks stunning in the Blazing Yellow. Apparently I am the first UK private customer for the electric Ioniq. Will be picking it up on Friday all being well, and I'll report back when I've given it a good drive.
  7. AEB-UK


    After 19 years as a Toyota believer (Corolla, Prius 2, Prius 3 and Prius3+) I am calling it a day. I have been waiting and waiting for Toyota to let us have the new PiP here in the UK, and over the past year I have been told several dates for it's arrival, but still nothing definite. Not even when a demonstrator might be available! So I decided not to wait any longer, and I've bought a Hyundai Ioniq instead, the all-electric version. I feel sad about leaving Toyota as all of my cars have been great, and the dealership have always treated me as a valued customer. Maybe I might be tempted to return to the fold in the future when Toyota have sorted out their supply chains etc. Perhaps they too could produce an all-electric car, a version of the Priuis perchance? Good luck and cheery-bye to you all.
  8. Fed up of waiting for Toyota to pull out their collective fingers and deliver the new PiP to the UK, so I have bought the All-electric Hyundai Ioniq instead. I should take delivery next week.
  9. Hyundai Ioniq - available in hybrid version at the moment, but the plugin version also won't be available until sometime in 2017. However, they have an all-electric version with over 100mile range, and two dealers have said it should be available to look at / test drive next week. I'll go and have a look when they have it.
  10. Unfortunately the affordable Tesla Model 3 isn't likely to hit our shores before the end of 2017, according to a Tesla salesperson I spoke with a few weeks ago.
  11. My dealer told me this morning that the new PiP will not be available until July 2017. You can buy one now if you want he says (??) but you won't be able to test drive one. Who pays close to £30K for a new design of car without testing one first? How ridiculously crap is that!!!!!!!!!
  12. I think your teenagers will feel rather cramped on the rear of the Prius. Especially on a long run! You could put them in the back of a local taxi for the experience
  13. Don't sit at the traffic lights with your foot on the main brake pedal - the brake lights are very bright an unpleasant for the driver behind. Use the parking brake - it will comfortably hold the car whilst in drive mode (it only has tick-over momentum to restrain). Then simply release the footbrake and off you go. Of course, if you don't care about the glare affecting those behind you ............ .
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