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  1. Sad I know, but I have just been reading the user manual and it talks about running-in the car. I didn't know they still ran-in cars as I thought that they bench tested the engines and only minimal running-in was needed. I don't usually rev the nuts of an engine particularly as the last two cars I have had were Yaris Versos! The running-in plan talks about 600+ miles to bed in the components and I wonder if anyone followed the regime and how they found it? Generally I would welcome any tips that anyone has on driving and owning the car and would be grateful to know that there are others out there in the ether. Safe driving.
  2. Update on the wrong manual for a Verso S. Went back on Friday and Blackpool Toyota Parts Manager sorted out the mistake in minutes as the saleman seemed conspicuous by his absence. Strange that. Still awaiting coutesy call from the super salesman due 48 hours after purchase of the car. Bought a set of mats to protect the car and at £88 for mats and boot mat again a bit expensive. As an aside for the first time in 45 years driving I bought gap insurance provided by Toyota. You pay a one-off premium which covers the total loss of the car for the first three years by replacement at full purchase price. With car costing £17.810 on the road and with a projected 44% depreciation over 3 years the £375 price tag is a good deal especially as it is paid in 12 monthly installments during the first year. What with low cost Toyota insurance, no road tax and petrol consumption reduced by 25% over my old Yaris Verso I'm quids in. I'd like to hear how Verso S owners are getting on with their cars and any driving tips they have picked up clocking up the miles. The only real downside to the new car over my old Yaris is that no one points and sniggers at you any more. Still I suppose you can't have everything.
  3. After 10 years of Yaris Verso Postman Pat driving got a new Verso S Spirit today. Will miss the petrol heads pointing at me. Nice new car easy to drive but rather overpriced. still the quality and versatility seems good. Blackpool dealership give superb service except for the usual rip-off merchant salesmen. The latest tried to diddle me out of an agreed price on trade-in which is unusual sharp practice for such a well respected dealer. When I drove home I found I had the owners manual for a Verso not Verso S. Not a happy anorak bunny. Going back on Friday to swop Verso manual for Verso S manual or if they insist the Verso S car for a top of the range Verso. I don't mind either. I'm also going to have a word with the sales manager about knocking £260 off the offer price as last year I wrote to both the dealership and Toyota GB saying what excellent service they gave and that I would recommend them without question. Pity, I'm having second thoughts now.