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  1. Hope they fix it for you once and for all. I just found this which may also agree with my pressure regulator theory. http://wiki.answers.com/Q/Hard_starting_diesel_engine_when_engine_is_hot If they open the tank to check the filter condition might be worth a shot at changing those two parts. Good luck.
  2. Thanks for the info Ian, Mine has the same annoying noise which I need to get underneath to have a look at and grease. This video shows the exact issue!! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s7GwBB1ZYA4 (Like running fingernails down a blackboard!)
  3. Hi Jamie, Would yours have an in tank strainer/filter on the fuel pump? Although mine is petrol I seem to have solved my cold start issues by changing that and the fuel pressure regulator part of the pump unit. Not an expensive job but if that's never been changed might be worth a shot. Mine was black at 80k when they removed it. May not be of help.....Lee
  4. Hi Jamie, Would yours have an in tank strainer/filter on the fuel pump? Although mine is petrol I seem to have solved my cold start issues by changing that and the fuel pressure regulator part of the pump unit. Not an expensive job but if that's never been changed might be worth a shot. Mine was black at 80k when they removed it. May not be of help.....Lee
  5. Thanks Kev and Don. One thing less to clean for me then!
  6. "The Fox" original missing post if useful...... Posted 25 November 2013 - 04:57 PM Sorry in advance for doing it like this I can't search for some reason I had seen someone with a bad starting Rav4 2.2, he had tried everything including a tractor battery, I have had the same problem on two customers Rav4's and in the end it was the main lead going to the starter motor, it was loose it was pig to get too, it live under the EGR valve you can flip up the front it's like the end of your thumb, but I have the knack of removing the all the grey plastic and putting a 12mm spanner on there, they were very loose and slighty corroded a good clean of the large LUG and the treminal and they now turn over like a jet engine Good luck with yours Charlie!
  7. Cheers Hoovie - Yes thanks for the reminder for the 476S. Will get some. The start price was a bargain £150 on a well known auction site and only one other bid was placed. LUCKY ME!! He had them on his 4.1 RAV and was selling them due to selling the car. That's why he even had the Toyota centre caps which weren't listed in the auction. Double LUCKY! I did get the impression that he really thought they would sell for more and he said he paid "A LOT" more than that when he got them. HEY HO!! I do like a bargain!!
  8. It has now been 23 days since replacing the Fuel Filter and fuel Pressure regulator. It has started perfectly every time!! (Damp, wet, frosty conditions etc) I have even had a couple of weekends away when the car has not been used. After the weekend it also started up perfectly. Before the two items were replaced it was happening every copule of days so I really think that has solved the problem. It drives perfectly!! The other week I did a 7 hour round trip to collect my new alloys. I covered 290 miles (mainly motorway) on 40L of fuel (brim to brim fill up). That's 32.9MPG!! :) - Not bad MPG for a 10year old car!!
  9. Thought I'd repost this after the forum lost my recent postings. Couldn't remember exactly what I wrote but luckily Google had cached my first post so I can just copy it off that. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- For anyone with corroding alloys on their 2000-2003 4.2's these may be an option for you if you want to replace them. Although all my 2003 standard alloys were replaced under warranty back in 2006 some have now corroded to the point that they needed either refurbishing or replacing. This wheel was the worst example..... Refurbishing (Strip and Powder Coat) quotes were around the £280 mark for four alloys. If I went down the route of replacing I wanted a style that looked like it was "meant to be there" and not look out of place. After a LOT of researching for a suitable style I finally went for these..... I was lucky enough to find this set of 5 which meant I could replace all including the spare. They are for a Lexus IS220 and are in superb condition. They were a perfect replacement as they were matched my original 7" x 16" with an offset of ET45 and my 215/70/16 tyres could be swapped straight onto them. The Lexus has a slightly heavier kerbweight too so no worries about strength. I'm really really pleased with them and it's better than spending nearly £300 just getting the old ones looking nice again. (Info for Firemac........Inc Toyota Centre caps/Wheel nuts/Set of Four Locking Nuts.....£155) VERY HAPPY!! :) :) :)
  10. I ask because I am sure that I read somewhere that it does but now can't find any info. I did think it was just diesels. If it does I will plan to clean it at some point just to keep things maintained. Cheers, Lee
  11. Throttle and ICV clean by Toyota dealer was quoted roughly £80 so you'll still have some overtime money for beers. I did mine myself as I wanted to know that they were spotless before refitting. Cost me about £16 for gaskets and the carb cleaner! Don't need to clamp off the two coolant hoses either as very little came out.
  12. I used the Normfest VC980 which worked a treat In cleaning the throttle body and ICV. See.... http://www.toyotaownersclub.com/forums/topic/136234-throttle-body-cleaning-fluids/ I wouldn't use carb cleaner on the maf tho. You want an electrical contact cleaner for that. There are two fine wires inside and one amber bulb sensor on the outside. Spray both sections generously and wait for fluid to dry. Shouldn't need cotton buds but just go easy if you do. I use PowRwashPR to clean mine.
  13. Hi Bill. If the throttle body and icv have not been cleaned before then its definitely worth doing. Get the two gaskets first and remove as per the instructions to be sure its clean. My icv was quite carboned up and the throttle body was dirty too. Afterwards both looked like new Thanks to a toothbrush, rags and some Normfest throttle spray. Throttle response has been great since. that may solve the idle issues. If not - at least you know they are now clean.
  14. Might not be the cause but another thing definitely worth checking........ http://www.toyotaownersclub.com/forums/topic/151539-rusting-sun-roof-on-a-42/?p=1290045
  15. Good Effort John. I'm all for making your own fixes!! I spent the £50 though as learning to weld and having the right tools to do so would have cost me a lot more. The amount of times I have wished I could weld something together to repair it!! You should upload a pic of your custom made check strap. I would recommend to anyone the extended strap. Opening it 90 degrees has made it much more usable if only for sitting in the back with the door wide open watching the Polo. They do come up used on eBay too so keep an eye out.
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