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  1. Nav786

    Service Parts

    Cheers Mate Those sites seem very helpful
  2. Nav786

    Service Parts

    Hi Guys im servicing my car next week i wanted some help to know what spark plugs are the best for performance and what oil is best for good performance?
  3. Hi thank you very much, i solved my problem today it was the thermostat that was making the car overheat now its brilliant thank you very much
  4. Yes i think i will have to do it that way
  5. hi thanks for replying and no its never done this before it only starting recently as me like an idiot kept on changing the coolant water, theres many people saying that its not the head gasket it could be a block in the radiator or water pump or thermostat.
  6. Hi guys i really need your help and advice basically my carina over heats when driving and throws water out, i used to keep on replacing the water coolant with fresh water like an idiot so some people say it may be an airlock, ive heard that toyota head gaskets are hard to go so they reckon it can't be, could it be the thermostat or waterpump? one water pipe is cold and one is hot so im not too sure need your help please??? thanks
  7. Hi, I wanted some help on whats the best way to launch a quick shoot off on my carina what revs shall i change gear at to wake up the beast
  8. oh could that mean the head gasket is not blown?
  9. hi, what are the suspected sign of head gasket blown, today my car when we replaced water with antifreeze mixed came up with a bit of boiling white foam does that mean the head gasket is gone and how much estimated will this cost?
  10. Right so would it be wise to go to scrappys to get the whole thing of them
  11. Hi, i am a little confused as my rear wiper is not operating the front one is working fine but the rear one is faulty when i activate it i can hear a little tic tic sound from the motor of the viper but it does not operate what could possibly be the problem ???
  12. hi everyone ive put and air filter on my car its improved the 1st 2nd and 3rd gear times by 5 what else could i do to make the car go even faster in 4th and 5th?
  13. Nav786

    My Carina 2.0 GLI

    My First Standard Carina 2.0 GLI