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  1. What do you guys and gals use as a means of storage, on most other cars there seems to be some sort of glovebox but the IQ lacks anything to store little bits out of sight. I have looked into the glovebag but bad reviews and dodgy town i live in I don't think it would last a week without getting broke into. Has anybody purchased an armrest storage box from botech? I've seen they make them for the IQ but are they reliable? Thanks
  2. Hi all, i'm posting for some advise. I currently have a white Toyota Auris sr180 (09 plate) which manages to do an average of 37mpg atm. I am thinking of down grading to an iq2 (10 plate) for general saving of running costs. Can anybody advise me if this is a good choice, I love the size of the iq and have test drove the 1.0ltr and enjoyed the drive apart from the acceleration which coming from a 180bhp to an 68bhp was some drop but the drive was the most comfortable i've drove. Any advise would be much appreciated!
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