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  1. Having been quite happy to believe my '59 plate Aygo Blue was leak free, I was gutted to find a little puddle in my boot this afternoon! :( I was sticking a touch activated LED light into the back (after getting fed up unloading the car in the flipping dark time again!) and have noticed the left hand side is very wet to touch, leaves a moisture on the hand. I lifted the carpet away and can feel it is wet all the way from the bumper/boot to where the back seats begin. I also noticed the black carpet top layer has come away from the sticky 'underlay' of the carpet, which I guess has become unsticky due to the water, but would this mean it has been sitting in the wet for a while?
  2. Hello all, Now, then my insurance runs out on 28th December this year. As we all know, the EU Gender Law change comes into force on the 21st December (I believe?). Any tips on the best way for me to be able to not get massively screwed over by the insurance companies?!
  3. Thanks both, brilliant answers. I've booked it in to my local dealership, going to leave it to the professionals I think!
  4. Hi all, Today my little Aygo was reversed into by a Range Rover. It could have been a lot worse and I am amazed by how my Aygo has withstood the bump. The bumper has been pushed back so the bonnet over hangs ever so slightly, but I work in a garage so they can sort that. The question I did want to ask though; there was a plastic panel that had fallen down by the grill. We fished it out and it looks like this: I don't suppose anyone knows where it has come from and what purpose it serves? I think there's a part number on it, but a Google search hasn't yielded any information. Thanks guys.
  5. I agree that the cheap car route is great, but some things on the Aygo is just taking it too far. Like you noted, I'd like an interior light that comes on when the passenger door opens, and maybe 2 strings on the parcel shelf?! My car has bluetooth that I rarely, if ever use, and for the cost of that I could have a light in my boot, a glovebox lid and possibly a better stereo?! I find your thoughts really interesting - happy motoring with your Kia!
  6. Brilliant, thank you for your help!
  7. I also have a problem with the volume when I use the aux-in with my phone or iPod to play music, but if it is the norm, I guess I'll have to get used to it. But alongside that issue, is it normal for the quality to be so much worse via the aux in, compared to the radio or a CD? It seems so tinny and weak, I generally don't bother using it anymore. I've fiddled with the settings on my phone music player, but it's still pretty awful.
  8. Hi all, A very delayed response but I had a similar problem on my '59 plate Aygo Blue. When I turned on the right indicator it would not turn on, or would only flash once and would never 'click' into the indicating motion. I would regularly have to hold it up whilst indicating, it was a nightmare! However when indicating left, it was fine. The bulbs were all fine as well, and would flash in time, as long as I was holding the stalk up. Anyway, I took it to Toyota, who took it for tests and they immediately came back and said they had 'condemned the stalk' itself. They ordered me a new one and fitted it under warranty. It's been perfect ever since. However, considering the speed with which they condemned it, and the apparent awareness they had when I explained the issue, I would suggest it's a common issue with Aygo's unfortunately!
  9. Owner: me Age: 22 (today!) NCB: 0 (passed my test on Feb 14th!) Convictions: None Other drivers: Boyfriend (he's been driving for 7 years) Year of Aygo: 2009 UK/EU/Jap: UK Colour: Cayman Blue Gearbox: Manual Location: Cardiff Garaged or drive: Residential parking space Insurance Company: Diamond 10 or 12 month policy: 10 Total cost: £661 Type of cover: Fully Comp Modifications: None Value of Mods covered: N/A Claim experience: None. Any general comments: I spent days searching all the comparison sites, and I then went direct to all the companies with good quotes and it generally got cheaper again. Best quote was Diamond with the 10 months jobby, worst was Aviva with £2,802! Very pleased with the quote, bearing in mind I've only just been driving 2 weeks!
  10. Exactly one year later, and I have passed my test! Got my insurance this morning (amazing quote from Diamond) and have been for a couple of drives already! I was looking for some more bits to put on the Aygo, and was looking into changing the colour of the dash/the panel with the air con dials on. Is there already a thread someone could point me to, or has anyone done this already?!
  11. Well, I got the scuff plates from jap-parts4u on eBay - very highly recommended seller; I was astonished at how quickly the item was dispatched and arrived! Quick before and after shot - I love the look! > > >
  12. I saw this picture today, and thought to myself, "Yes. Please." So, let's say that you win the Euromillions tonight; £68 million... which dealership do you rock up to tomorrow morning?! (P.S. I'm relatively new, so sorry if this has been discussed previously!) I'm thinking that Lambo and an Audi R8. Would probably keep my Aygo for pottering around the city, and maybe a VW Scirocco for fancy pottering
  13. Haha! I would say I'm sorry but I really wanted them! Had a top bid of £32 anyway! However, in the unlikely event they're not suitable, you can expect a PM
  14. I won the kick plates! Bit of a bargain at £28; I found them on the Toyota accessories website at £63, so I'm happy with that! Looking forward to seeing them on my car very soon! Next stop: glove box lid and Aygo tax disc holder!
  15. These are the kickplates. I love that they say Aygo, think they'd look pretty snappy! Jan, they don't look out of place on yours or anything? I'm hoping they'll just make her look a bit 'sportier', I guess. Intriguing! Any pics?! Sounds awesome
  16. I got conned good and proper by Phones4U, and now have a Blackberry Curve 8520, which I personally think is a bit pants! It's not really a 'smartphone'... just mildly more clever than a Nokia 3310. Nevermind, only another 13 months left on the contract.... !
  17. Right, seeing as I can't technically drive my Aygo for a while yet, I'm looking at tarting her up a little - just to keep me occupied! I've found what I think are some nice kick plates on eBay, what does everyone think of them on a little 5 door? Too much? And also, any other little interior mods that can be made?
  18. I've just turned 21.. missing being a 'teen' already!
  19. Hello everyone! I'm Sarah, from Cornwall in the UK originally, but I'm currently in my third and final year of university in Swansea, Wales. I study Motorsport Management, which is not as exciting as it sounds! I was recently lucky enough to get a '59 reg Aygo Blue for my 21st birthday, and I've got to say I love it so far! Very cool little car, plus cost effective! However, I've had to leave it (her!) at home for the time being, as I haven't technically got a driving licence yet. Still, having the Aygo ready to go at home is making me all the more keen to get on with it and pass my test. Anyway, pleased to be here! :)
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