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  1. my 2001 t sport cost me £2900 and its in amazing shape. The guy needed a quick asle as he had bought a diesel for new job and it was costing him loads to have 2 cars, so he wanted quick sale. Previously he has it on market for £4k.I spent around 2 months looking being patient. Everyone wants diesels right now, not sports cars, so there are plenty of bargains to be had! just watch out for people selling 190's as T sports. The 190 had some problems with the lift bolts, but was fixed in the facelifted T sports (2001 onwards). Hope this helps!
  2. hi guys, I bought a 2001 t sport last month and have noticed an unusual noise in a certain band in the rev range. When I take my foot off the gas and let the engine rpm decrease through 2500 to 2000rpm there is a buzzing noise, that sounds like its coming from the exhaust, but not sure. When I stay at constant speed in that rev range there is no sound, or maybe a buz for a split second wvery now and then. When I accelerate through the same range it makes the noise but for a smaler time and no where near as loud. It does not make this noise at any other time! I only noticed the noise after owni
  3. also heard recently that using premuim fuel gives better fuel economy for the vvti engine. not sure if its true though!
  4. I've had my t sport for about 6 weeks now and noticed there is a huge difference between town and motorway / A road driving. I only averaged 26mpg on my last tank driven round town but got 32-33mpg when it was half town and half A roads. £15 quid only gets me about 70-80 miles, its expensive stuff nowadays! Cyker is right keeping your tyre pressure high helps and i try to brake as little as possible, downshifting and coasting to slow at lights.
  5. the new lady in my life! :-)
  6. hi I am trying to find out how to remove the centre section between the seats that contains the drinks holders. Does anyone have a "how to guide"? terrified of breaking something! I'm fitting a female headphone jacl to the back of the sony head unit to replace the cd changer with my ipod. Thinking of investing in a switching unit if i miss the cd changer. But haven't really used ita huge amount so far! thanks for any help!
  7. bigjimg thanks for the info! Did you install the box behind the dash? where did you run the wires that connect into the box for easy access to your phone? cheers
  8. I have an FM transmitter, which is fine for tootling round Preston, but becomes tiresome on long journeys. I'm planing taking the celica to the nurburgring so changing channel oever 50 miles is hard work! whats the quality of sound like with the tape deck solution? I haven't looked at any after market units as only bought the car last weekend (i.e. 4 days ago!) and therefore feeling the pinch this month.
  9. Hi I have bought a Celica T Sport over the weekend. In only 4 days it has already brought much joy to my life. the lift zone is very morish!!
  10. thnaks BGDaz for the reply! I should have said thats the one solution I would rather not use! i meant quick and dirty as in don't mind having a cable sticking out of the glove box or something that plugs into the back of the head unit that is a bit discrete. Can an aux cable connect to the back of the unit to plug into the headphone jack of my ipod? cheers for the help!
  11. Hi all, I have bought my first Celica T Sport last week and love it. Still trying to find a comfortable driving position (i came from a diesel ford focus that had armcharis in it!), but it is very quick! :-) I wasn't sure whther to start a new thrad or tag to an old one, but thought after a long period of time a new one might be appropriate. I want to able to plug in my ipod via an aux cable alongside using CDs in the multichanger. I have read some old threads that it is hard to do with the sony headunit that comes as standard. Some of the old posts suggest just stumping up for a new head unit
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