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  1. Ok I'll answer my own question then! I found it on the VIN plate under the bonnet. Hope I got the right colour in the end ;->
  2. Hi all, I need to get a touch-up pen for our 2000/X Hiace Regius in white but I see there's a couple of different whites it could be. Please can anyone tell me where the location of the paint code is, and what number(s) I need to be looking for? Thanks very much.
  3. Hi all, After nearly 18 months of rolla g6r ownership I have finally sold the car and it has gone to pastures new. If it weren't for the fuel economy I would have kept it but my boring golf 1.9D is doing 600 miles to a tank whereas the rolla only did 340 on a good day :-< Thanks for all the advice and help from all on here. I must admit I do still have 'feelings' for a 1.6GTi and if I ever have the spare cash, you never know I may be back. Take care all, and enjoy your rolla's!
  4. In the end it was the oil cooler breather pipe that goes under the radiator that had split and was ****** out oil. And the corrugated piece was from the bottom of the air conditioning condensor and apparently isn't important! Would have cost me £160 to fix this at the Honda garage, local garage sorted it out for me for £35! Thanks for all the suggestions peeps, hope no-one else has this problem.
  5. I will take a look at the belts tomorrow, thanks for the suggestion. If you click on the thumbnail it goes much larger and you'll see there it is corrugated - it does look like some sort of paper element??? I've not seen anything like it before, but the fact it was just languishing there makes me think the bloke doing the service wasn't concentrating! It's cut evenly along the length of it though, no idea what it is! Cheers all
  6. I've had a 6-speed in my g6r and it's not all that great tbh. If you have the time/inclination then go for it but I doubt you'll notice much difference. Let us know how you get on if you do.
  7. Hi All, Friday before last I took the rolla in for its annual service with the Honda garage I use (they've serviced it before) and now there is an oil slick under the car: Also, I found this weird corrugated piece on top of the plastic cowling below the pulleys, anyone know what it might be? Here you can see the amount of oil that has spread all over the plastic cowling (where the corrugated piece was found): The oil level is down to 3/4 now, not good for a car that's only been driven 75 miles since being serviced. I felt underneath (what I think is) the oil filter and that's bone dry. The sump plug seems fine as the oil leak is higher up than that. Any ideas what's going on? Obviously I will be contacting the garage tomorrow, just want to have a bit more knowledge so I don't get BS'd by them! Cheers all.
  8. Thanks Iceman. I'll have to find my rolla Haynes manual and see if that can help me further to locate the area you mention as I've never looked 'down there' before! Thanks for your help
  9. My rolla G6R has recently started squeaking at me each time I press down the clutch! Can anyone tell me where I can lubricate whatever it may be squeaking so that the noise will hopefully go away? Cheers
  10. I had a Halfrauds cover for my old VW Beetle. Even though I beefed it up with extra straps it still managed to blow off the car when the winds were gusting, but managed to stay lieing on the top of my Dads volvo roof rack all the way to Sainsburys and back! Personally I wouldn't bother on a modern car.
  11. The TTE badge is a very strange one. As you say, it's like it's got gel in it - really weird! Mine has a bit of a shadow across it now but never mind, it still looks the biz. Funny how many rolla bits/cars end up in Ireland!
  12. What a scoop picking up that TTE spoiler for such a good price - well done mate!
  13. When I was getting my TTE spoiler resprayed the paint sprayer gave up trying to take it off - twas so fragile he said, so he ended up having to spray round it which wasn't ideal but it was either that or losing the TTE badge, which wasn't an option of course ;->
  14. 125 - 130bhp and these lil' motors would be perfect mate;-> Stange how the E9 had a 1.6 twin cam with 130bhp - would one of those fit in an E11?
  15. Great work with those indicators Paul! I wish I'd had the time before I flogged that white TTE replica to get the clear side indicators off it :-<
  16. What did you use to clean them off with mate?
  17. Go back one page mate, it's all sprayed up and has been on the car a few months now! ;->
  18. I've got a bit low on cash funds at the mo so any upgrades are deffo on the back burner for a while yet. But it gives me a good chance to think about the car! I'm really pleased I got that TTE rear spoiler off the white one before I sold it as I haven't seen another one for sale yet. The standard wheels are staying with the car. I still don't know what colour scheme to go for on them but will seriously consider bronze inners when the time comes. I've done 5k miles in it since I bought it in Feb and not one thing has gone wrong - good old rolla reliability!
  19. Maybe it's just me but that TTE badge really does set the front off nicely! So are you going down the "make it the best it can be" body-wise route and think about the performance upgrades at a later date now?
  20. You're certainly keeping on top of this motor Paul - it's looking good as usual. What was the quote for the front bumper and/or the complete respray? could they not just do the roof?
  21. Welcome to the club! Looks like a nice clean model you've got there - looking forward to the updates.
  22. Lookin' good mate! I think we need a full-frontal shot (of the car!) to see how the badge looks in all its glory ;->
  23. Yes it is, can't say it makes much difference though!
  24. All you need is a hat now Paul to put on your rack! I'd be interested to see how you get on with your speaker install. I bought a 12" sub for in the boot and it is too big really as I cart quite a lot of things around.
  25. Does anyone know what model of wheels are on this car? Are they 15" wheels? Cheers!
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