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  1. The wife had Falken tyres fitted to her Rav4 since last year when we bought it. Was never too impressed with them but thought seeing as they are brand new we will stick with them. Put winter tyres on towards the end of last year and obviously noticed a huge difference on icy roads before reverting back to the Falkens in March. WIth the recent wet weather, and the fact that my 18 month old son is being carried in the Rav i decided to buy new tyres (even although the Falkens still had a decent amount of tread on them) and opted for Yokohama Geolander G91a's. What a difference! The car feels so much better to drive in every aspect, and more importantly feels safer on the road than the Falkens ever did. I also managed to get all four tyres delivered and fitted for £398 which appeared reasonable. Will be putting the Winter tyres back on when the time comes (hopeing to get at least three years out of them) but in the meantime the Yoko's get a big thumbs up.
  2. Cheers dudes - will have a look when the wife gets home.
  3. Help, for some reason the reversing sensor has just stopped working. When i select reverse, the audible sound activates once and then nothing else happens. Have i switched it off accidently (can you switch it off) or is the sensor f***ed?? It was working fine in the morning and then just seemed to stop in the afternoon.
  4. I have a gloss black Thule Atlantis 600 which i use on both my Rav4 4.3 and Audi A4 Avant. It is the perfect size to fit plenty in and also fit a mountain bike at the side ( two bikes fit with a bit of a squeeze). It also has the added bonus of looking quite cool and with it being streamlined it makes very little noise. Highly recommended.
  5. Exact same car as us - we're very happy with it too. Says 43mph on trip computer, and in reality it fairly accurate at around the 41 mpg mark which aint bad for the town driving shes doing.
  6. We have had our 2008 XTR diesel for almost a year now and we love it. Would definately recommend. Only issue i have had is a slight knocking sound when on full lock at slow speed, although ive been told this is fairly common and an easy fix. Still under 'approved' warranty so plan on taking it in shortly for its next service and hope they will sort it then.
  7. PMSL. That aint snow, its merely a bit of frost!!
  8. Thanks. Hopefully that's the problem.
  9. ...when turning at slow speed on full lock. Is this likely to be the steering rack? Had a similar issue on my civic type r. Would this be covered under warranty?
  10. In before the move ......
  11. I fitted mud flaps to our 08 Rav. Of the 3 screws, there were only two ready made holes. The 3rd one simply had a tiny indentation, which u had to screw into. Right pain in the @ss and a little bit of a concern at the time as its tricky lining it up with the screw holder thing u need to position in place.
  12. If you like uts, I'd say go for it. I'm sure if you go on a Honda forum you will find countless threads ripping the Rav to shreds. We were all set to buy a brand new CRV earlier this year as we can get them VAT free. Bought the Rav instead as the deal was too good to be true. As it happens, I love our Rav and am glad we opted for it over the CRV. I still like them though.
  13. Nah, Steve....some of us shared the same wave..... Made sense to me too. :-)
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