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  1. Hi Brian, The alloy wheel cost £267.07 and the tyre a 235/55/18 General grabber £97.30 including balance & v.a.t from MR T. I could possibly have scourced a cheaper tyre but then most places want an arm and a leg for fitting and balance & valve etc. Terry
  2. Hi Brian Iv`e got 2013 rav4.4 and like most others only got the puncture repair kit . i was originaly going to sort A SPACE SAVER, but as we bought it for towing a caravan decided that it would not do the job, after all even Toyota say in the hand book that you should NOT TOW with a temporary tyre ( such as a space saver ) fitted. So I went ahead and ordered a full size matching 18" alloy wheel fitted with a General Grabber tyre, with the intention of probably only carrying it in the boot when we took the caravan away. However when I took the `hatch `part of the boot floor out I found that it would fit where the space saver fits YES IN THE WELL. OK I admit that its not perfect and of course it`s not fastened down, but you will find that the tyre is only roughly 2" too deep, so I honestly can`t see it coming adrifft or loose in any way because it`s actually a good tight fit, The only way that would come out is if you turned the car over. To finish the job I have timbers around the well APPROX 2.5"" HIGH and a peice of good quality plywood cut to the shape of the boot, using the load liner ,(which we bought when we first had the car) as a template. Now with the weight of anything we carry in the boot the wheel is quite secure. I will try to put a pic on here but am not very good at that sort of thing. With the boot liner in place on top of the `NEW` floor it looks quite good, and means we`ve not lost hardly any boot space , just a couple of inches in height and I can live with that. I may ask mr T at some stage about welding in the bracket to screw it down properly regards Terry
  3. Having recently sold my 2007 Avensis 2.0ltr d4d, I`m selling the above wheel complete with 215/50/17 goodyear tyre . It was bought to replace the space saver and has never been fitted so is in superb condition. the car was part exchanged through toyota dealer and was put back to original with space saver. so the alloy wheel and tyre is now surplus to requirements Bought from Mr T. the cost was £334.97 I"ll sell it for a very reasonable £150.00 P.M. me for further details or discussion if interested. Terry
  4. Hi guys, Ive got a brand new / unused 8 spoke Alloy wheel with new / unused GOODYEAR EAGLE 215/50/17 It was bought to replace the space saver on a 2007 Avensis 2.0ltr d4d T3X .but has never been fitted, it`s now cluttering up the garage so any one who wants to make me a sensible offer send me a p.m.
  5. Thanks David, yes I think he`s probably my best bet for this info have to p.m. if he doesnt read this but you never know I may be lucky
  6. HI Kevin thanks for your input on this and yes your right Mr t has given us nothing in return for brand loyalty and a big wedge of hard earned cash.. went to see dealer this morning and he recons he needs a reg. no. or a vin no. for a RAV 4 2013 that was supplied with a space saver cos he cant find find the part no for the space saver wheel and tyre without it. He said if he inputs myreg. no. there would not be a space saver listed as it was not supplied with one from the factory, so can I supply him with that info, and then he can source the part no. and order it. I was hoping that maybe someone on here might be able to help me out by preferably giving me the part no. I live in hope regards to all Terry
  7. Thanks for that David, will see what holds it all together tomorrow, and find time to see mr T for a price, Many thanks to all you guys for taking the time to answer all my queeries. Hope you and all forum members have a good christmas Terry
  8. Thanks for your reply David, I guess what I`ve got to do now is see what holds all the plastic gubbins that houses the puncture repair kit, and see how easy it is to remove it so I end up with the same shape and size as your car boot. I would think it`s only screwed in , and then remove the carpet lining to make room for the spare . Have to see mr T for the holding screw and probably make a new boot floor if there is anything left for it to rest on,( unless of course I can order one at a reasonable price Ha Ha I do like my little jokes) But seriously it should structurally be the same as all the others including yours that was supplied with a spare instead of that ridiculous can of goo. is the tyre in the pic a `normal`tyre or is it a tempory one I can`t see in the pic that it say`s for tempory use only and I thought that all tempory tyres stated as such
  9. Thanks for your very helpful replies guys, I think you have solved the problem for me and lots of others who must be thinking along the same lines, I SHALL DEFINATELY be looking into this as soon as I find time to visit my dealer. One more question , to fit the space saver as in the piccy above (very good piccy) , what mod have you done to the boot floor?, `cos it looks like when I remove the plastic bits in order to fit the wheel the `f`loor` won`t be big enough cos there will be nothing to lower it onto. and does the `Screw` to hold the wheel in place come supplied as part of the wheel/tyre deal
  10. Hi Paul. It`s great to see you have sorted the dreaded `spare wheel ` problem. As a new owner of a 2013 rav4 icon 2.2 d4d I have to ask if the wheels fitted to your invincible are as described in the toyota brochure and website. which would mean that they are 18in like mine. I too dont want to rely on the ridiculous puncture outfit and want to sort an alternative, preferably a full size 18in & tyre to match, but I know it wont fit in the place where it ought to be so a space saver looks to be the only answer, (better than nothing at least) What size is the space saver? Iv`e seen the conversations about the steel 17in space saver but not heard of an 18in version. If it is a 17in space saver how does it compare in cicumference to the 18in that you would end up with on 3 wheels if you were unfortunate enough to have to use it. Also will it fit in the well under the rear `floor` without to much modification
  11. HI Aaron thanks for your reply I`ve sent you a P.M.
  12. Hi Tom Welcome to the forum You have the same radio/cd unit that I had in my 2007 T3X hatchback, and the exact same thing happened to mine. I took it to MR T and their tech guys removed it and had a look at it , and said it could be repaired by a local electronics company who looked after all that sort of repairs as and when nesc.,so off it went. 3 wks later the repair company said there was no repair possible and the screen must be replaced. Idid consider fitting an aftermarket unit but decided in the end to have it repaired. It took about 6 wks to get it back but since then it has performed brilliantly ( at least it did until I changed the car for a RAV 4 4wks ago) Hope this info helps you and you get sorted with minimun expense Regards Terry
  13. Hi guys, Having just changed my 2007 Avensis for a RAV4, I now have for sale a 17in 8 spoke Alloy wheel complete with new 215-50-17 goodyear tyre. It was bought brand new from Mr T.to replace the space saver as a spare, but was never used so when I part x`d the car I replaced the space saver. I`m open to any sensible offers.
  14. My apologies Kingo, thanks again for your help I will let you know if I decide to fit a kit