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  1. Well apart from the red vinyl wrap, it is just the Modelista Bodykit. I do like what they have done with the exhaust
  2. Let me know what you guys are thinking of Toyota's new direction with styling? Do you think that they are successfully targeting a younger market? http://blog.toyota.c...treatment-video
  3. This is what we have told by Toyota also. The thing is, we only represent Toyota at Dealerships, unless otherwise stated. It would be something to take up with Toyota GB directly to be honest, as I don't think it would be anything we would be able to sort in house.
  4. A very interesting notion Cyker, I like your thinking! :D
  5. Congrats! Love the interior! Hope you have many happy miles!
  6. I do the same with the Auris that I'm driving currently :)
  7. 55 litres is inclusive of the tank reserve. The clock will only count down until the start of the reserve, the reason for this is that you shouldn't find yourself breaking down because you have no fuel.
  8. Toyota will unveil the new Auris at the Paris motor show in September, a car that will deliver improved dynamics, more distinctive styling and higher equipment levels, while also being cheaper to run. New Auris is the latest model to reflect Toyota’s determination to engineer cars that are more appealing and dynamically engaging to drive, while building on its long-established reputation for quality, durability and reliability. As well as presenting a more confident exterior design and a higher quality interior, new Auris also benefits from improvements to driving dynamics and efficiency enhan
  9. This is the New Generation of Auris. Let me here your thoughts.
  10. Apologies Red Yaris 54. Didn't mean to tout for business.
  11. I still not been able to make this work...have been entering contacts manually. You do know that you can always pop in to the Centre next time your passing by if your having trouble. Amazingly, my contacts have now downloaded...I suspect for those with a more modest address book the process will not be a problem. On another issue, what's the dealership view on mud flaps? I understand that some people have been commenting on the fact the rear wheel arch liners are not properly fixed and the only solution to this at the moment is to install the mud flaps. I actually think the rear mud flaps l
  12. I still not been able to make this work...have been entering contacts manually. You do know that you can always pop in to the Centre next time your passing by if your having trouble.
  13. Just out of interest Shaun, how have you got on with Uploading your contacts?
  14. I'll see what happens over a longer run...there are hundreds of contacts in my phone and bluetooth is not really very fast... No luck with a completed download over several hours...HTC Sensation XE... Ok at least this means you are using an Android Smart phone, I'll be able to help. Try this... Get to the Contact Transfer Screen in the GT86. On your mobile. <Contacts>, then choose your <Options> button, then you want to choose the <Import/Export> option, Then its <Send Namecard Via> you then want to select the Bluetooth option and go from there. Let me know if you hav
  15. Usually you would be right, but this is also the case with the Yaris. It's because Toyota use a newly revised CVT Automatic Gearbox. The Gearbox regulates itself to find the best ratio for acceleration, maintainence of speed and economy combination. I thought it was a typing error when I first saw it in the Yaris brochure, but it is in fact more economical. Strange I know :)
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