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  1. thats it loom/ecu lump gearbox and intercooler
  2. i can get a mr2 turbo lump and box for cheap off a friend . was wondering how easy would it be to fit in my 6th gen celica fwd and what will i need like loom gearbox mounts ect
  3. done that and still no luck when cold . would you advise putting standard box back on
  4. i had full stainless with decat for 329 from longlife
  5. im guess it the ss then as a japan tuning garage said it has the 3sge engine and that the code under the bonnet on a plaque thing .. in that case any one now how much bhp i have and how much i can get it to for around £1500 or just drop a gt4 lump in for £1500 as tht what ive had a price for thx
  6. don't any one reply on here . i was with clubcalibra with my old car and what a much better helpfull site
  7. would add a pic but don't now how on this site lol
  8. if you still don't have an exhaust here is mine from longlife £330 decat pipe then back lifetime warranty
  9. i was thinking of puting the gt4 lump 3sgte and putting it in my fwd gt st202 shell set up on a fwd system is that posible and cheaper than turboing my 3sge engine . for example will it give me more power than a turbo kit for my 3sge plus more tuning options will it be less hassle as im only 24 with no no claims and im paying £1300 on my st202
  10. i want it lol that is my next upgrade from my st202 import gt
  11. Ss1 ss2 confused now what does this mean . Plz help
  12. Give longlife a go . Cheap and im well happy with mine
  13. I had it from longlife 329 aint bad with lifetime warenty :)
  14. I have a 94 celica gt import 80k genuine miles.. I diy an induction kit for it as was hard to get 1 . While i was doing this i had to relocate the air sensor to top of pipes by the throttle body intake not by air filter where it was . And now every time i start the car when cold it idles very low and i i give a little rev on its way back dow it goes all the way and cuts out . Only way i can get it 2 idle without cutting out is by putting the air con on ... Is tgere a way i can sort this out or just put old air box back on . I cant hear the induction noise due to loud exhaust so will i lose any power by puttin back to air box thx
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