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  1. I assumed that its the Variable valve timing. At about 65 on mine the engine not changes and started buzzing almost, then past this it goes away. Never caused me any issues
  2. Yes I know a few that do, mine does, its just another slight irritation! You get used to it!
  3. You could be into 4 figures for toyota to replace them. The insurance company could well write the car off as well, so be careful before telling them. I would ,as has been said get the suspension checked and the steering rack checked.
  4. Does anyone know the release date? I want to sell my aygo before the new model so can get mere for it :) Thanks
  5. Miss use / understanding of air conditioning is a pet hate of mine! Only today was I trying to tell a work colleague that if he leaves aircon on then the car will not mist up as much ( focus) Aircon is not just for cool air and will not be cold if the temp is set to hot! The Aygo does mist up more than most, If I turn my aircon off then the rear windows will mist up within minutes.
  6. It is well known that the Aygo leaked water when it rains, often in different places but usually the passenger floor well and the book where the spare wheel is collects water. Some leaks were due to poor door seals, A piller, rear lights. My 2011 leakes after 3 weeks from new, but Toyota added extra seals to the doors and this has solved it. So Water from my point of view! have a good look in the boot, in the spare wheel well and have a good sniff in the car for a damp small. Also feel the passenger carpet for dampness. Other that that I have a headlight mist up ( changed under warranty) but normal price £100 and the leather wheel has started peeling ( wear and tare according to toyota!) On the plus side usually get 50 MPG, 26000 on the same tyres, cheap tax, never broken down!
  7. Mine is an 2011 car, bought new in march 2011 so an early model. Dont know if this makes a difference? There are all sorts of different problems with the new IOS6, as always. It crashed my phone and I had to do a full re install to get it to work. Different problems for different people. Have you tried using you I Phone on a music docking station to see if its the Iphone connection? Does it still charge the batters? You might have to use the USB instead? Just a thought. On a side note BT still works for calls.
  8. I have a 2011 GO! I have an I phone 4s and upgraded to ISO 6. I checked yesterday and it works fine, just as before. :) Music, audio book and all other aspects of the system work! I have not downloaded any special app or anything, the only thing I do is keep the Tom Tom up to date by plugging it into the laptop now and then ( free downloads)
  9. They will replace the headlight, they did with mine :)
  10. I had new door seals ( at a month old) and extra set of seals placed at the top door line. Has been ok since, Still maintain that it cant be hard to make a car water tight!
  11. There are more small cars coming to the market, the VW up, the seat Mii, the Skoda citygo, fiat 500/panda. I think the quailty for the toyota needs improving and the price lowering. I have a Go but will no be getting another.
  12. I have had a Go for a year and a half, covering 27000 miles, yes 27000. I also have the seat belt cutting in to the plastic. I have had the near side headlight replayed as it fogged up. The car leaked and needed new seals on the passenger door, the steering wheel, which is leather is also peeling on both sides. The aircon pump makes a horrid noise when first turned on as well, like a strangled cat! The paint under the rear pumper is peeling off also. The car has always been reliable, and is good with fuel, still on the original tyres. Its a cheep car, that has served its purpose. I wont get another ( really could do with something bigger) and its not that comfy on long journeys as there is no lumber support. I think now there are a lot more small cars, Mii, up, etc that the quality needs to be improved for the price asked. Just my 5p worth!
  13. I had a leaking Aygo as well ( very well documented on here) in the foot well, thay have added thicker seals to the upper doors,and an extra rubber stripping as water was entering when it rained! Still cant understand how a new car can leak!
  14. I have done 25 miles from first flashing, then it flashed quicker. I have read somewhere that some people have only had 10 miles. I think the " blobs" are rather unreliable. I usually get 380 miles before the flash so fill up using the trip mileage!
  15. Or any car! Thing is I have come to accept it, as have a lot of people, the Aygo leaks, its become rather normal, but before this I have had loads of cars from a 1969 morris minor ( in early 2000`s) 15 year old fiestas etc, no car has ever leaked! Take it to the dealer and they will add rubber stripping to the uper doors, this will cure it.
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